30 Days: Day 17 Your favorite memory

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Sorry this is a day late, I took yesterday off and this is restarting with this post.

My favorite memory is still a blur. Could it be the day I received my acceptance into the University of Florida for undergrad? Or perhaps my acceptance to East Carolina University for my Master’s degree. Maybe it was each of the Bon Jovi concerts I attended. Hmm or the day we got engaged.

No, I think maybe it was the day I finally met Steve after several months of emailing and IMing back and forth. We’d both been dating other people, well, he was engaged to his “other person” but it was crumbling quickly. No, that’s not code for anything sketchy. He had a very strange and erratic work schedule and, while my work schedule was consistent, I was also in school. This meant my nights were filled with conference calls with classmates and lots of homework. On a random day off, he called me and we set up a date for dinner that night. I barely made it! I had to race home from Raleigh to Chapel Hill, change out of work clothes and bolt up to Durham.

The first date had a small complication when my friend started calling and texting repeatedly during dinner. As it turned out, their apartment complex was on fire(!) and they needed a place to stay for at least one night with their cats. I assured Steve that it wasn’t a “bad date phone call” and bolted. Boy, I sure was bolting around a lot that night. Once things were settled with them, I called him and we planned our second date, the dreaded work holiday party, a few days later. And all went quite well at the party, obviously!

The best part is, I consider the jilted date our first date and he considers the party our first date. Regardless of these, our wedding anniversary is in 29 days! And since it’s technically Sunday, we are getting married 4 weeks from TODAY!

My iPhone clearly hates taking pictures of my laptop screen…


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