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For Sale: Picaboo… I can’t use you

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SOLD! Thanks to everyone that helped by reposting/ retweeting!

Last year, we purchased 2 Picaboo Groupon codes. My plan was to use them to make the photo books for our reception pictures. Seeing as our photographer didn’t show up, we have nothing to put in the books. I was really excited when they introduced their canvas prints as I could finally make use of the code. But no dice. It was just confirmed that codes are not for use on any of their prints.


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So I’m selling the codes. They were the “$25 for $100 worth of items from their site” codes. You can use them for any of the photo books, calendars, or cards listed on their site. The $100 value includes tax and shipping. If the total price exceeds $100, you pay the difference. Easy peasy, right?

They expire August 12, 2011 – just over 2 months from now.

If interested, please either comment or shoot me an email. I am asking for the purchase price of $25 each and will accept Paypal as payment. In exchange, I will email you the codes in a PDF format – the exact same way I printed them after we purchased them.

Many many thanks!