The Players

I/me – Becca and the voice of the blog.

Husband – oddly enough, just my husband. I have no clever blog nickname for him yet.

Z – our foster licensing specialist (FSL)

Ballerina – our first matched child and failed placement. She is an amazingly strong, resilient and brilliant 13.5 year old girl. We wish her nothing but the best in her life where ever she ends up.

TH – Ballerina’s therapist and chaperone for 3 of our play dates.

Crush – Ballerina’s crush since 3rd grade.

CW – Ballerina’s case worker. She will soon be replaced by subCW when she goes onto maternity leave.

CM – She is CW’s boss and will be there throughout the process.

ACW – met with us multiple times and wrote our home study

MPC – an amazing asset for this whole process. We ended up having lots of weird things in common.

OKB – is my godsend. She talks me down and gives advice and will be one of our main contacts once the adoption is finalized.

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