Special Homework Project: Letter to Our Child

For class every week, we have journaling assignments to turn in along with a few of these “special projects” like a letter to our child, photos of our home, pets, and ourselves, and our individual life stories. This past week we turned in 20 photos  and the below letter.

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Dear Forever Son or Daughter,

We are SO EXCITED to meet you!

We are Steve and Becca. We live in Boynton Beach and have a small dog named Lola.

Education is important to us as Steve is currently getting his Doctorate and Becca is finishing up her Master’s degree. We will do anything needed to help you succeed in whatever path in life you choose be it college, technical school, or heading right into the job world.

We are big fans of comic cons and attend them as often as we can. We also love to travel and would love to go places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. We are annual pass holders for Walt Disney World, so expect some trips to the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and the other parks. We can’t wait to plan family trips!

As far as other things we love – working out (running, biking, and swimming), nature hikes in the local parks, and long drives to explore the area (we are still relatively new to this part of Florida). Personally, Becca likes to knit, sew, read, and bake. Steve likes to draw, collects comic books, learn everything he can, and occasionally play video games. We cannot wait to get to know you and your favorite things and hobbies.

We have 6 nephews… your future cousins – 2 grown and living in West Virginia near Steve’s mother and brother, 2 grown and living in Alabama with Steve’s sister and brother-in-law, and 2 babies living in Homestead. Steve’s family are spread around the East Coast in Florida, West Virginia, Alabama, and Ohio. Becca’s family are all pretty much in Miami and Homestead. We have friends across the country that are also very excited to meet you – even if virtually. We don’t see the families that often, but expect that will change when there is a new grandchild in the family.

We cannot wait to get to know you and welcome you into our family.

Your future family


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