wedding etsy

Items purchased off for use in our wedding.

Etsy Shop

i really need to get my #etsy shop going again.

just out of curiosity, how much would you pay for this garter? (which, by the way, is the one I made for Abby and it was a HUGE hit with everyone that saw it!)

Or this blanket?

Or this baby blanket?



woohoo! 50th post!

now onto the actual post..

I bought these today as sample favors. Also to taste the flavors. Really? Tasting lip balm? LOL

The lip balm flavor on the left is honey and the one on the right is tangerine. They are $.75 and $.80 respectively in quantities of 25 for Vegas favors. Plus they come in little pots so I can put my own labels on each one.

I’ll letcha know how they are!

left image source: Brandi1181
right image source: MrsHerk


Inspiration Board

top row, left and middle row, 2nd pic are possible earring choices for the bridesmaids
top row, middle are the bridesmaids bouquets (purchased flowers to make them all myself)
top row, right i just want to incorporate somehow!
middle row, 1st pic i’m thinking for myself, cuz new + blue! and also ♥ (purchased & wear all the time)
middle row, last pic possibly for table decorations
bottom row, 1st pic i already have these for each bridesmaids as part of gifts (purchased from personal PartyLite shop)
bottom row, 2nd pic i want to make with blue/ cream fabric for each bridesmaids
bottom row last pic is a mirror for bridesmaids gifts (purchased in 5 different designs for myself, 3 bridesmaids, and brother’s girlfriend)

best part is they almost all are found on etsy.


Wedding Jewelry for Me

I purchased this Estella Garden Luxe Hair Comb from Etsy seller LuluSplendor as my wedding hair piece.

Next I’m going to see if it’s possible to add tulle to the bottom of it for a super short veil, or to the top of it to create a birdcage veil.

Like so:

birdcage or short veil

This necklace is my “something blue” and was purchased from Etsy seller, TheBrassHussy.

I just love her shop name! I have worn this necklace quite a few times already and get compliments every time. I absolutely adore it!

comb image source
birdcage veil image source
short veil image source
blue pendant image source