Baking Bread.. Challah, that is

Things have been hopping around here! No, that’s not an Easter reference as, well, I’m Jewish (albeit a bad one) and hubby is exhausted from work and sleeping all day today. No egg hunts for us. I fully plan on implementing them when we have kids. They’re so much fun!

Today I made Challah, well I started yesterday, but it had to rise 2 times. According to the recipe, the first rising shouldn’t only taken 2 hours max. After 4 hours (at 4am) I gave up and went to bed. I added a damp paper towel to the plastic wrap covering and turned the oven light on. At 9am, it filled the bowl and was perfect. I smashed it back down, replaced the plastic wrap and damp towel and went back to bed for a few more hours. When I went back to it, it rose again to fill the bowl. I braided 4 mini loaves and made 9 or 10 little Challah knots.

Wow. They were little bits of heaven.

Challah recipe from the fabulous

And for dinner tonight, tilapia fish fry! That’ll be posted later. 😀


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