Sick, Again…

So 4 months ago, I had pneumonia, and it was no fun. I spent weeks feeling run down, and finally a physical symptom basically forced me to go to the ER. $8000+ later, I was officially diagnosed and given even more drugs.

Fast forward to now when I’ve been feeling run down and just crappy for roughly a week. This time my fever has spiked to 101.7* then pops back down to normal [for me] of about 98* and back and forth every couple of days. I get dizzy and sweaty and, well, it ain’t pretty. I am also really worried that I might have pneumonia again. I keep feeling my throat lymph nodes to make sure they’re not swollen bc I have a history of tonsillitis as well. Oh yeah, I’m a mess.

One thing I’m doing differently is taking my vitamins every single day including an extra folic acid pill. I don’t get nearly enough exercise as I should. My appetite is still pretty crappy (always has been) so I don’t eat that differently than before. My water intake lately is pretty high, but this morning I woke up with a severely dry throat, mouth and especially soft palette which really frickin hurt! With all the sleep I’ve been getting, drinking has been low on the priority list except to take meds with.

Yeah, yesterday (Saturday) we went to Walmart (I waited in the car), then to Sonic for an early dinner (yum!), then to Michael’s for some art supplies. I actually went in, wandered about for a few minutes, then found a table and chairs and sat there sweating and sleeping. It was really no fun. We got home around 8pm and I vaguely remember taking my shoes off. The next thing I remember was it being 1am. I got up, took more medicine, changed outta my jeans and fell back to sleep with Lola curled up right by my side. Up again at noon for more meds. Then up again at 6pm for more meds, to take a shower and try not to fall back asleep.

Needless to say, it’s been a very lazy weekend. This afternoon I woke up to find Phoenix on one side, Lola on the other, and hubby on her other side. My little family, all snuggled together.

Poor hubby is trying so damn hard to not get sick and he’s doing quite well. We’re flying out in a few days and I’m really not looking forward to being sick and having to fly up north. I don’t do well on flights as is, and having a stuffy head will only make it worse.

One thing I desperately need to do is boost my immune system. Mine has been horrible for many many years.

Dear body, please kick this nasty bug out now. Like, right now. NOW!


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  1. chanele

    Sorry to hear you’ve been so sick. 🙁 I hope your immune system gets working better soon. It’s probably related to how down you’re feeling emotionally. My fingers are crossed for a big life change that makes everything better .*hugs*

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