Back from Vacay! …and my Internet Hiatus

St. Mary's, WV |
Hello my bloggie friends!

It’s been a long time since my last post due to my being on vacation in the West Virginia mountains and having truly horrific internet access. In truth, the best access was from my iPhone and even that was spotty. The motel’s wifi was too far from our room to have decent access. Yes, motel. with about 35 rooms and the only one in the town. And when we drove up to another little town, there was absolutely no data towers to be seen so I didn’t even have my iPhone. I couldn’t even use AroundMe to find restaurants. OK, the town was so small that the “old fashioned” way of just driving around worked.

For someone as connected as I am, this was horrible! Seriously, it was like going through a pretty major withdrawl.

I did keep up with my FourSquare check-in’s so folks knew where we were, and even became the Mayor of several businesses up there. But overall, it was horrible for my social media obsessiveness. As part of my 101 in 1001 list, I did say I would be without Facebook and Twitter for our week away, but it wasn’t so easy. I kept my promise to myself to not check any of my feeds, so I actually feel like I accomplished a true social media vacation.

Have you ever done a self-imposed week away from all social media?

I brought my knitting – 2 projects actually – and only managed to work on 1 of them in the hotel. All 4 of our plane rides were like being squashed into sardine cans with no extra arm room to knit.

I promise to post a recap of our trip soon. It was beautiful country and I have lots of pictures, but there was so very little to do that much of our time was spent visiting with friends and family, driving around and sleeping. Yeah, we slept a lot. On ridiculously bad beds. But alas, that’s for another post…


2 comments on “Back from Vacay! …and my Internet Hiatus

  1. Marie

    I don’t know if I could do that at this point. I’m so used to having a computer to access. The closest I come usually is going to St Augustine and even there if I bring my laptop the inn had wireless internet in the lounge area.

  2. chanele

    When I travel into Canada, I have to limit my social media connections because the phone isn’t free anymore (even though it’s close by!), but most of the time, the hotel has internet, so it is not total.

    It sounds like a cool place to have an old fashioned adventure though! Did you post pix somewhere?

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