Mysterious Phone Call

I mentioned a phone call yesterday on FB that got me more excited about our adoption journey then I have been. Things have been relatively quiet as our orientation class is this weekend [holy shnikes it’s in 4 days!] and not much is really going on. Sure, I’ve been perusing the AdoptUSKids website for my future babies and it’s depressing as hell reading their stories and seeing their sweet little faces.

But anyhow, the phone call. I was driving home and don’t normally answer unfamiliar numbers, but I had called someone earlier and thought she was returning my call. Nope, it was someone from Our Kids that had discovered my blog and read everything – including my frustrations – and passed it along to several other people. Yeah, I checked my site stats last night and there were 40 visits to that post. Whaaaaaaaaat?

We talked for a while and she promised to send me an email with all her contact information for me to call anytime with questions. She sent the email and CC’d a ton of amazingly helpful people.

One specific thing I asked her about was the 3 bedroom thing, but she wasn’t certain. It’s on my list to ask on Saturday. But, regardless, I will finally be claiming the bunkbeds that I laid claim to many years ago. I’m trying to find a picture of it (or have one sent to me) to post bc they’re awesome! The bunk beds! My father built these for my brothers a million years ago.


Clearly they’re being used for storage these days at my folks house. 🙂

Things happen for a reason. We were meant to have these stumbling blocks. She and I discussed this and I firmly believe it.


I don’t believe in coincidences. She has the same name as a good friend of mine whose birthday was yesterday. I mentioned this to her as well… Then texted my friend afterwards to tell her the funny.

4 days. 4. More. Days. Until. Orientation…!


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    1. Becca

      There is apparently a different set of rules for this on foster vs adoption. For foster, yes, they’d need to be in a different room. For adoption, unless there is a reason from their past preventing them rooming together, they said it was OK. Age appropriate, of course.. We wouldn’t put a 4 year old and a 12 year old in the same room.

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