Welcoming an Older Child Home

When couples adopt or have biological babies, they typically have a baby shower. But what to do if you’re adopting an older child? I found this fantastic website with a TON of amazing information for honoring and welcoming adopted children into your family.

After chatting with my friend Jackie a few nights ago, I totally want to have a meet my son/adoption shower for items to build his library of books and kid-friendly movies, show him all the love and support we have, and, most importantly, introduce him to his new family and our friends.

From the above-mentioned website, these are some of my favorites ideas to use. Also,  I really want to find (or make) some awesome wall prints, artwork, creative bookshelves and more to make him feel really at home.

  • Making our own version of a “baby book‘ from the moment he came into our home (including excerpts from this blog)
  • A necklace with the date of their child’s birth, the date the child was placed in their home, and the date the adoption was finalized by the court.
  • Or maybe a plaque with these dates
  • Or a picture frame to display the photo with the judge and entire team on their adoption day.
  • Some families have a fun sense of humor and would enjoy a t-shirt or bumper sticker that says, “Yes, I’m their REAL mom.”
  • Others are more sentimental and like verses such as, “You grew in my heart.”
  • A birth announcement only works after a child is born. What does a family do when they want to announce the addition of an adopted child to their family? Not everyone is handy enough with a computer to make their own invitations and announcements. They may not have time, either.
  • Anything with the child’s new name (almost all children have at least a part of their name changed after adoption) is very exciting and meaningful.

There are a few other sites with great ideas to welcome your new little (or not so little) one into your home and family.

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