Adoption Support Group

Yesterday, I went to my first adoption support group meeting. I finally met the very first person I spoke with at Our Kids back in April as she was one of the hosts for the meeting. Thanks to the power of Facebook and texting, I made plans to meet up with 2 other almost-mom’s – J and B – from our PRIDE class. Unfortunately, both were unable to go to the meeting in the end. It was a small group, only about 10 people, but it was interesting to hear from different stages of adoption. I went alone since Steve had to sleep for work last night, but we were the only couple pre-home study. There was a woman that had already adopted a baby, another woman going through the TPR process for her soon-to-be-adopted son, and a couple wanting to foster to adopt. After the meeting, I was able to get a little more insight into the process we’re going through.

We met B&R for breakfast and hang out for a couple hours with them. Yay for a social life! That will definitely be a repeat event in the near future. And one day… with our children!


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