Flowers… aka my Bouquet

***Finally fixed the images.. sorry!***

Okie dokie… Here is what I put together this afternoon. Well, around baking Red Velvet Cake Balls, Key Lime pie and frying up some Homemade Potato Chips (All the recipes and more are listed here.)

Essentially I quadrupled the sample bridesmaid bouquet. The mock up had 1 stem of the orchids, 2 bunches of calla lilies and a bunch of the Stephanotis’ shoved around. This one has 4 orchid stems, 5 calla lilies, a whole bunch of the Stephanotis stems and a bunch of the grass.

For the time being, the stems are tightly wrapped with green floral tape. However, mine must be super old since it’s way less “tape” and way more “green stretchy stuff” and is pinned around the stems. I cannot seem to find the original blue ribbon or sheer star ribbon (no surprise, I’ve moved 3 times since making the mock up) so for now, it’s unwrapped. Unless I buy more ribbon, I’ll likely use the 1″ orange and 5/8″ blue ribbon that I purchased a few months ago. My thinking, to keep the symmetry, is to sew the blue onto the orange and then wrap it. Or, wrap the orange and crisscross the blue around it and tie at the top with the memory lockets.

Only problem is I must be mental as I cannot find the lockets I could’ve sworn I bought in Michaels several months ago. I guess I’ll be buying some now. My luck? I’ll find the ones I bought in a year or so cuz that’s how I roll.

So……….. what do you think?

Both are personal pictures


2 comments on “Flowers… aka my Bouquet

  1. Chanele

    I really like the idea of the lockets. I had something I wanted to tie in with my bouquet but I couldn’t find it, and mine ended up being compact anyway. I hope you find yours!

    1. msrib

      I can’t find them, but think I might have another option. My dilemma now is who to put into them. I can get pictures of my deceased grandfathers, and my living grandmother, but not of my deceased grandmother. I was thinking of just the names of people that I wish coulda been there, like our parents, grandparents, etc. 7 weeks to figure it out!

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