I started writing this post last week and the only thing that’s changed is the last paragraph..

Going NowhereOur search is not going anywhere. In all honesty, I feel a little burned out constantly searching, seeing the same children, and submitting inquiries on them. I ask friends about their fosters and their foster’s siblings. I search nationwide sites. We discussed in vitro and pregnancy again. I… really don’t want to be pregnant. I – we – don’t want an infant. We want a child that can walk and talk and tell us what he or she wants. We want a child that spends his/her days in school learning and socializing with their friends while we are at work.

Sure, the older the foster child, the more likely to be problems from being in the system. We know. We are aware. We are prepared for it.

At least we are prepared in our minds. In reality, we don’t know. Well, I don’t. It’s been over a year since we decided to adopt. I’m exhausted.

There is a lot going on in our non-child lives right now – Husband in school, we are looking for a home to buy, and I am focusing my after-work time on pushing both my knitting and design businesses. My companies have been languishing for years as I focus on other projects. It’s nice to have something to think about constantly now especially since there is no child in our home or lives and we have no idea when there will be one.

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2 comments on “Stagnant

  1. Jinny Shin

    Hi Becca! Great blog! I just wanted to share our new kickstarter that we are starting. LearnGarden activity boxes!
    Every box sold goes towards the education for orphanages.

    My husband and I are also looking into adoption when we are more settled.

    Anyways great blog!

  2. Childless Parent

    Loving your blog! Hopefully I will keep reading and find a link to your Facebook page so that I don’t forget to come back. We are about 12 months ahead of your journey. All going right we should be in court next month with our 13 year old.

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