30 Days: Day 01 Introduce Yourself

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This is me… surprised? I didn’t think so. I am very public with who I am, what I like and post lots of pictures.

I fell in love with the internet early in its public phase (yep, 1995) and became instantly intrigued with web design. I tore pages apart and learned what all that weird code did and what happened when you rearranged it.

I am a recent graduate with my MBA and love working on web and graphic design, knitting, baking, sewing and general DIY crafting. Also, I am a social media fiend!

This is my amazing almost-husband, Steve. The word fiancé just sounds odd to me this close to our wedding. That’s right, we are t-minus 46 days away from becoming Mr and Mrs.

He is an amazingly talented artist, but his day job is private home health care for an elderly client. Yes, he does have the biggest heart of gold on the planet. I’ve kissed a lot of frogs before finally finding my perfect match. (Cue the awwww’s)

What more do you want to know? We have a Miniature Pinscher named Lola and a big fat cat named Phoenix. We’re planning on having a couple kids (or more depending on when we get started) and will most likely be home schooling them when they’re old enough. No, we’re not crazy, the school system in Miami isn’t that great and we can’t exactly afford private schools.

I am a hardcore Florida Gators fan and graduate. I am also a very recent graduate from ECU. However, I really don’t identify with myself as a Pirate. Yes, huge Gators fan, but this pretty much is confined to football and occasionally basketball. I despise golf and baseball.

If you want to know more, just ask! My life is, almost literally, an open book.


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