30 Days: Day 03 Your parents

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6/19/1971 - I'm using that cup at my wedding reception =D

My parents, Bob and Patti. They have one of those fairy tale stories most little girls dream of.

Mom was born in Toledo. Dad was born in Chicago. Mom and her family moved to Miami when she was a few years old. Dad and his father moved to Miami when he was very young after his mother passed away. Mom grew up in a wealthy household for that era with a doctor father, truly amazing mother, and 2 siblings. Dad grew up with a single father who eventually remarried and got 2 instant step-siblings.

Mom and dad met in junior college here in Miami. When she went off to college at USF, he stayed in Miami helping his father (my fab grandfather) running the business he would later inherit. Every weekend mom was in town, dad would be at her parent’s house before she arrived and stay the entire time she was in town. According to mom’s family, they had the perfect relationship. They had fun together and were very much in love.

Eventually they got engaged. And a month or so after she graduated from USF, they were married. June 19, 1971. That’s right… 39 years ago my parents tied the knot at the synagogue I grew up in – Temple Beth Am. They moved into a cute little apartment in Kendall, and eventually bought a house in Coral Gables where they had 3 kids. After my younger brother was born, they found a larger house in South Miami, where we all grew up, which was sold in 2003 when they moved down to Homestead.

They currently live on 8+ acres with 20-something dogs and about 150 birds. Needless to say, they’re animal lovers. And by “they” I mean my dad. Steve and I live on their property, in the cottage house about 150 yards behind their house.

While their relationship may not be perfect, it is still something to strive towards. They have been married for 39 years, 3 children, and a strong family bond.


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