{Potential} Vegas Favors

source: DiscountMugs.com

I am back to contemplating personalized water bottle for Vegas favors. I got a coupon via email from DiscountMugs.com for 16% off. Yeah, totally random number, right? Anyhow, for 25 polycarbonate water bottles, with personalization, free shipping, and the discount, they’ll be $3.76 a piece. Locally I’ve seen plain bottles for $4 and up. Even though there are 25 people coming to Vegas, more bottles won’t go to waste with family, friends, and vendors to dole them out to and besides, 25 is cheaper than 10. =)

I know not everyone gives a crap about personalized wedding favors. My thinking is by making the personalization something very simple, like just our names, the date and city, it’ll be appreciated. Plus, doesn’t everyone love water bottles? No? Well I do!

I’m thinking the above bottles with this personalization, in black, as close to the bottom of the bottle as I can have them print it:

Whatcha think of the design? I’d love to be able to get these for the Miami reception as well. Only problem? 200 bottles costs upwards of $400 and that’s really not in the budget in any way shape or form…


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