30 Days: Day 22 Something that upsets you

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The distance from my nearest and dearest friends.

Seriously, this is one of the most heartbreaking things in my life these days. When we moved back to South Florida, I knew I was fortunate enough to have him with me. I say back, but for him it was a first move. For me it was a move back to my childhood and a place I swore I’d never live again. Oh the irony.

When I moved to NC all by myself and not knowing a single person, the first few weeks was the absolute hardest until I started making friends at work. Moving back here left a whole new group of friends behind. Dear dear friends that I met during my 4 years in NC. Carrie, Abby, Kelly, Darcy, LaMonica and everyone else… I love you all so much and miss you to pieces!

My best friend lives in Jacksonville, 6+ hours north, with my adorable godsons and I rarely see them. All my closest friends live hours and hours away from me. Thank goodness for the power of Facebook, texting and free mobile to mobile calls! I would quite possibly die of loneliness without some contact from my ladies.

Of course, I live with one of my nearest, dearest and most amazing friends. Steve isn’t my “best” friend, as there are just some things that only my Zeffer will ever know about me. He is, however, the man I love to death and will be forever tied to 19 days from today.

Luckily, we do have technology to keep me sane. <3


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  1. Kelly

    Miss you too! Can’t wait to see you in Veeeeeegas 🙂 I know how you feel, it was really hard moving out here last year not knowing a soul. It’s even more impressive that you moved to NC on your own! I’m glad our paths crossed. 🙂

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