Snow in Chapel Hill

I have lived in North Carolina since July 2006 and this is the worse snow I’ve seen. Not that it was bad, but it’d definitely the most accumulated snow. It’s kinda like a hurricane category 5 warning when only a category 1 or 2 shows up. Since I’ve lived here, we’ve gotten 1-2″ at most each time it’s snowed. Not this time! When we went to sleep last night, we already had a couple inches. Around 8am when I went outside, there was about 5-6″ already and it snowed on and off all day.

Work was closed today and reports are already in for tomorrow closings. At this rate, we might not even be open on Monday either! That’s just crazy to me, but I totally love it.

Even spraining my ankle on a rogue covered up hole can’t dampen my mood. I love this white flaky prettiness!

Beautiful night time snowfall, Friday evening.

My new car is already covered!

This was around 8am Saturday morning on top of my car. Roughly 6″ of snow.

4″ of snow and 8-9″ of puppy… you do the math. 🙂

Lola with one of her BFFs, Tobin. Yes, he’s an Irish Setter & she’s a Miniature Pinscher.

One of her other BFFs, Brindle. Lola was totally body slammed but got right back up to play.

She was walking in my footprints to sink less. By this point it was about 5-6″ on the ground.

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