Scammers Abound – Even (Especially?) in the Wedding World

I just had a pretty eye-opening experience. A mere month and a half after we got married, I decided to finally order our marriage certificate. Yeah yeah, I’m a slacker. You don’t have to tell me.

Anyhow, I’d received 2 letters in the mail shortly after the wedding with 2 different websites to order our marriage certificate from. They both had our certificate number and looked official enough. I didn’t think much of them, and put them away. Today, as I went to finally order the certificate, I pulled the letters out. Different addresses, different prices, different websites. Weird, right?

First I DM’d my go-to everything wedding Vegas girl, Jennifer, then started digging around on the Clark County website. As it turns out, it WAS weird to get those 2 letters. On the Vegas Recorder page, there is an “Important Consumer Alert” front and center telling recent married couples that other sites aren’t legit and aren’t associated with the court house.

These companies may charge significantly more for copies of documents than what a customer would pay if requesting certified copies directly from the Clark Country Recorder’s Office.

Wow. Just wow.

Marriage capital of the world and of course there’s scammers!

The good news is that the certificate has been ordered and from the official site so my credit card is [hopefully] still safe. Good thing I know to check up on these things before blindly handing my credit card over to random people!

I sure do hope more people dig around before ordering stuff online.

And so ends my PSA of the day. =D


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