Farewell to you, 2010..

Dear 2010,

You were an amazing year for me.

We kicked off our time together by saying goodbye to my sporty fun Mazda3 with the tiny back seat and bought a new car… a responsible “mom” car for our future babies and all their sporting equipment and toys. I also quit a job that I was crazy about and so many amazing co-workers that I still miss – thank goodness for Facebook! – with the promise of a brighter future in South Florida.

I graduated from East Carolina University with my MBA degree and discovered that I really do love networking and database coding/ design. It’s always been a bit of a passion of mine to do graphics and web design, but I had no idea that I liked databases as well. We didn’t do anything with either the degree or the newfound passion, but maybe in 2011.

I moved from gorgeous hilly, cool-weathered Chapel Hill, NC back to hot, sticky Miami – the place I swore I’d never live again – but with a then-fiance in tow. We helped my folks with their mortgage and saved up some cash. Because of this move, I expanded my online circle and met some truly amazing people – yay Twitter! – and rekindled old friendships in the area.

I also spent 6 days in Las Vegas with the love of my life, my younger brother and his girlfriend [whom I already consider a sister] for our itty bitty wedding and honeymoon. It was totally fun and low-key and, quite frankly, addicting! We all can’t wait to go back to Vegas. Hopefully we can follow up this trip with an anniversary trip in 2011.

You also brought me some severe financial problems. You see, I’ve been looking for a job for 16 months now. 16 very long months. Sure sure, I started before you were around, but also during your entire existence, so I can still throw it in here. My goals and focus for this elusive job has been ever changing and now I just want something that can pay my bills, but that’s 2011’s problem now!

I did want another tattoo during your lifetime, but that will have to also wait until 2011.

Thanks for the memories. The good most certainly outweigh the bad!


3 comments on “Farewell to you, 2010..

  1. heart in san francisco

    Becca, this was great! I love that you are focusing on the good aspects of 2010, and truly believe that with such an attitude, you will accomplish anything you choose. You’ve inspired me to take stock of the past year and thank it for its blessings, (if I can remember what they were.:)


  2. S.I.F.

    That doesn’t sound like a bad year at all! And hopefully the perfect job will come to you next year! 🙂

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