We did it! Got Married, that is

I would like to introduce you to… Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Rebecca Fletcher!

For reals, we had an amazing time.

We gambled a little bit. We won some and lost some (money, that is).

We ate a crapload of cake and cupcakes from the utterly amazing Retro Bakery. We were even featured in their blog! (Scroll to “The CUPCAKES/CAKES O’ the WEEK”)

We saw two Cirque de Soleil shows – KA and Zumanity.

We took over a thousand pictures between our cameras and cell phones.

We walked more then our feet could handle and even got a few blisters.

We had a gorgeous suite at the Luxor for all 5 nights thanks to the amazing upgrade.

We met the lovely Danielle (@d_consiglio) of the @luxorlv twitter feed.

We played dress up – twice.

We spent a ton of money on food and a few souvenirs.

All in all, we had a BLAST!


September 21 TMW Post

Tweet: so relieved that my dress fit & the strap length is now perfect! 3 weeks left to lose arm fat 😉 #wedding

Tweet: surprise! pretty much only my female friends and fellow brides might appreciate this one =D http://twitpic.com/2q22bh

Things are really wrapping up now. I picked up my dress from getting teeny tiny alterations to the straps and it fits perfectly. OK, well not perfectly but close enough. I am still on the hunt for undergarments, but what I’m wearing in the above picture might just work out. It’s a too small strapless bra and an underbust corset-type thing with a hook and eye closure. It sucks everything in where it needs to be sucked in. Too bad it can’t work wonders for my arm fat. I have a few more weeks to swim in my parent’s pool and hope to diminish it a bit. If not, no big deal. Seriously. I mean it… it’s not a big deal! My fiancé loves me as is and doesn’t want me to change too much. This is why I love him so much! Or part of it at least. 😉

Yes, I am aware that I am an odd bride. And quite proud of it actually.

Tweet: Final wedding payment coming out today for the all in one photog/ video/ limo/ ceremony. Woohoo! 20 more days to go!!

Holy shnikes this thing is for real! It’s been so amazing with my wedding weekend buddies @brokebride2be and @celestialaxis counting down and pushing each other along.

Today I called and changed the credit card for the final payment for Vegas. As a reminder, we are using a single company in Vegas (Scenic Las Vegas Weddings) that will provide us with the minister, photographer, video/ slide show, limo to various locations, and the flowers. I have booked the bakery (the amazing Retro Bakery) and a hair stylist for me wedding morning (Storybook Brides). We pretty much don’t need anything else except some wine or champagne to go with the cupcakes. Oh, and the favors that I’m mailing out to Vegas to myself, along with the canvas guestbook and the markers.

Our “Trash the Dress” session is the Tuesday after the wedding and we’ve got that booked already with Amelia Cline and Jessie Emeric. TTD session? What?! Remember that I was the extremely lucky winner of this from Green Orchid! I am stoked but dunno if I’m more excited about the wedding itself or the TTD session. Either way, our 5 days in Vegas is going to be amazing!

In 20-something days, I will be ready to focus fully on our January reception here in Miami.


Life Update

I debated long and hard about not posting my dress online. And I lost... to myself. So I present you with my wedding dress. Kindly ignore the super-fab hair turban. I was fresh from the shower. =D

I know, you probably miss my wedding chatter, right? (I didn’t think so.) Are you enjoying reading the 30 Days of Becca? I’m having fun writing it.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of wedding-related stuff happening lately. Hopefully you’re following my antics over on TweetMyWedding, though I do cross post my entries here. This week, I had my first (and only) fitting of my wedding dress. All it needed was an adjustment to the straps. And, well, a larger bust section*, but that’s not happening.

After contacting several Vegas hair and make-up artists about a month ago, I realized that my time is ticking down quite rapidly. I finally booked Storybook Brides after checking their reviews on WeddingWire, Facebook, and even their web page. Yes, they were the cheapest and I’m hoping that doesn’t bite me in the butt. I’ve emailed the owner several times and she seems very nice and responds quickly. All her reviews on WW are really positive. For an updo, it is $80 and they’ll come to our hotel room. I’m doing my own make-up, which means I need to practice! It’s been a while since I’ve worn make-up and even longer (never) since I’ve put on photo-worthy make-up.

The problem now is that I really need some awesome pictures of updo’s that can hold my heavy-ish veil. This is where all y’all can help me. Thrilling, yes? My hair is a few inches below my shoulders. In October, in the middle of the afternoon, the temperature should be roughly 70 degrees. During October, temps fluctuate between the low 50s and the 80s. Holy gorgeous, Batman! What was I talking about? Right, hair. I tend to get very hot and always put my hair up. Add to that about 5-7 pounds of yarn. Basically, as beautiful as a half updo would be, I think it needs to be totally up. Sooooo, feel free to post me links or pictures of hair you’ve seen that you think might work. Thanks!

I ended up re-branding myself 6 weeks before my marriage officially change my name. I changed my Facebook name, my LinkedIn name, and even reserved a twitter name. Everything is set and pending for all my networking tools and websites. I’ve also created a new website (BeccaCreative.com) as I am changing my last name, which means everything branded as RIB-Art Designs is now outdated. The timing couldn’t be better as ribartdesigns.com is set to expire on 9/18/10. For the first time, I am letting a domain expire!

Tweet: I need a job. MBA, social media fiend.. loves marketing/ PR/ whatever. i’ll even do admin work. i’m not picky. is your Miami company hiring?
In non-wedding related news, I kinda need a new job. By new, I mean either part-time or full-time with somewhat flexible hours. I do have a job, sure, but it’s extremely part-time. When the work is done, I have to leave which means extremely diminished hours and paycheck. Yes, I am blessed and thankful to have a job, I just need more money to be able to pay our joint and my personal bills.

Ideally I’d love to do social media, marketing, graphics design or even admin work. Preference for work is south Kendall, Homestead or anywhere easily accessible from the turnpike since we’re literally right off the pike. I have been using both Twitter and Facebook to find personal connections in my network that work at companies I’ve found with ads. It’s my own version of LinkedIn’s network… sorta. I’m really not picky. We just need the extra cash. Steve just started a great new (and well-paying!) job, but I still need the money for my half of the stuff.

Tweet: looking for place to have a bday dinner near the Falls on 9/17 or 18. suggestions please! & consider yourself invited if you’re in SoFla =D
In other other news, my birthday is coming up! It’s not a milestone or anything, that’s next year. This year I’m turning 34. Next year we’ll hopefully have a big party for my 35th. I’ve trying to find a good place in a place central to Homestead and Ft Lauderdale, which somewhat seems to be The Falls area. PF Changs was suggested, which is amusing as I’ve celebrated at the Durham PF Changs for the last 2 birthdays. I’d like to try something different, something very Miami, and not a chain place. Any ideas?

So how are you doing? What’s new in your life? If you have a blog I should be reading, feel free to link it up here. I’m an avid Google reader girl and can always use more blogs to check out.


Not Such Pretty Underthings…

Back to the drawing board… none of the lingerie really made me happy. I now have a better idea of what I need and have to keep cup size in mind. Here’s why…

The long line bustier, while the best fit and shaping under the dress, stuck up about 1″ over the top of my dress. Honestly if I had a reason to keep it, I would! I ended up ordering the correct cup size but went one size up on my bra band. I can’t tell if the band increase was a problem or not as I loved the overall fit. It certainly coulda been tighter.

The waist cincher didn’t do a whole lot for me, even though it was the correct size. My waist is an odd number and I ordered the even size below instead of above as they suggested. It was actually a little loose right under my bust.

The ruffle panties were omg too cute… on the model. The front and back have the same rise and it was much farther than I feel comfortable wearing. Not only that, but the sizing was way off. According to the size chart, I ordered the correct size, but on my body they were just too big. I was really hoping to love them.

With the strapless bra, I really only have one complaint. I want to know who thought it was a good idea to have only 3 hook & eye’s on a bra with cups over DD. Especially those that are way over DD. I hate my boobs. Seriously hate them. I fear getting pregnant cuz I know they will only grow when all I want is for them to shrink! What, tangent?

My bad.

I’m starting over again. Keeping the strapless since I will need it for something one day. Do you have any suggestions of sites I should check?


Pretty Underthings

Where “polite society” may not want to discuss lingerie, brides are all about discussing it and trying to find the perfect items to shape and support under our wedding gowns. As a plus size bride, it’s been difficult finding what I am looking for mostly because my in-store local options are vastly limited. I cannot shop at Victoria’s Secret due to their bra sizes being far too small. I will not shop at Frederick’s of Hollywood due to, well, they sell a lot of trashy lingerie and I don’t feel like digging through it. Lane Bryant sells some, but mostly Spanx and pretty corsets.

So I turned to the internet. Ah the glorious internet. I won’t shop at any stores called “big girls bras” or the like. Instead I discovered sites like HerRoom.com and HipsAndCurves.com. Both have a wide variety of sizes in a huge selection of everything from bras, bustiers, corsets, panties, all over shapers and so much more. As someone who exclusively buys bras at Lane Bryant, these sites are a godsend with free or relatively low shipping and great return policies.

Now for the matter at hand. My dress has spaghetti straps and is fitted in the bodice, in true empire waist form, than completely flowing chiffon down to the floor. After many internal and twitter-fed debates, I am opting for Spanx and a strapless. Or maybe a strapless and a waist cincher. Or maybe a basque bra and Spanx. The possibilities are endless.

From HipsAndCurves, I purchased the following items and should have them this week. I’ve got no problem posting what I purchased, just don’t ever expect a picture of me in these things! Between these and the high waisted Spanx, which would you wear? I’m not too concerned about fashion; more concerned with comfort and doing their job! 😉

Daisy Embroidered Basque
Daisy basque bra, in white: Image source

Waist Cincher With Garter Straps
The waist cincher, in white. Image source

Flirty Ruffle Boyshort
Ruffle boy shorts, in black. Image source

OK, so the shorts aren’t for the wedding day

Are you a plus-sized bride? What are you wearing under your wedding dress? Do you have tried and true lingerie items you’d never want to be without? Please share!

And then go check out the amazing Plumage Blog.


July 6 TMW Post

Tweet: @msrib – how many professional photographers do i have on my feed… debating if i want pro pics for our uber casual wedding reception

I’ve been seriously debating this issue. Our big DAY will have plenty of coverage as included in the package by Scenic Las Vegas Weddings. As will 2 days later thanks to the amazing photo shoot we won with the amazingly talented Emeric Photography

In a series of responses from photographer and non-photographer friends, I was convinced that yes, we DO need a pro photog at the reception. As one friend pointed out, the party, with all our family and friends, will look like drunken party pics especially compared to our pro pics for everything else. So now, I need to figure out a budget for the January shindig and see how much cash we have to spend on pictures. I have a friend that I would love so much to use, but I just don’t know if we can afford her. Luckily she said she has a friends and family discount. She is one of those truly amazing photog’s with crazy high ratings on WeddingWire. I am in love with her work. Le sigh.

Tweet: msrib – as open as i’ve been w/all my dress choices, i think i’m gonna keep the final selection a secret until the pics are posted. maybe #weddingwednesday

I did end up purchasing the gown last Monday. I was in and out of David’s Bridal in about 45 minutes with my newest dress in hand. They had the size and color I wanted to try on. To be fair, I did wander around to check on other floor length gowns and tried on one other. Little Miss Indecisive is no longer so! The dress is in my closet. My mom said she like it a lot better than the last all lace one. I don’t have any pictures of myself in it as I was having major undergarment issues. Plus the straps are a bit big so I need to have then fixed before I’ll post any pictures. I suppose in this case, third time really in a charm!

Tweet: msrib – Hello mini future Mr & Mrs Fletcher! #caketopper http://twitpic.com/21eohx

And I leave you with a bit of creativity… all I need to do is spray on the varnish and we’re done!


The Dress.. No I mean it this time!

What a bad blogger I am! It’s been nearly a month since I’ve last posted. In that time, I have completed a fair amount of wedding-related things. I made our cupcake tower, but decided against bringing it to Vegas so it doesn’t get ruined and will just use it at the Miami reception. Our cake topper is nearing completion and will post pics when it’s done.

Also, I swear I’m one of the most indecisive people on the planet when it comes to this stuff! I bought a dress super early in our engagment, then got tired of it and took a year to sell it. Then I found another one, super cute and sassy (it’s posted here somewhere). Then I got tired of IT and returned it. My vision of what I wanted to look like on my wedding day has changed like crazy. The first dress was a ballgown with pick-ups all over the skirt and a totally undecorated bodice except for a smattering of pearls along the top edge. My 2nd dress was knee length, all lace, and just plain fun. My last and hopefully final dress is floor length, all chiffon, spaghetti straps and beading under the bust. I am in love with it. No pictures of me in it (I wasn’t wearing the right undergarments!), but it’s this one:

Image from David’s Bridal

June 29 TMW Post

Tweet: @msrib – thoughts? screen printed or ironed onto canvas $0.97 bags. http://twitpic.com/1zf4cs

Tweet:  @msrib – what about “Thank you for joining us to celebrate for a few days. This bag will last you a lot longer… Please reuse it! Becca & Steve”

So, favor bags for Vegas… I definitely want to do something nice for the handful of folks joining us. The bags will include a polycarbonate or aluminum water bottle, sunscreen, snacks, playing cards, a map of the Strip and transportation/ restaurants/ shows around Vegas. Hopefully most people will have the show bookings done in advance, but you never know! My dilemma is still getting all this stuff to Vegas.

After all the feedback I received upon posting the above picture to both Twitter and facebook, it was suggested that I just use the tree and our names and date only.  And put the note about reusing it on a little hangtag. I already have hangtags purchased a while ago. My plan initially was to keep the wedding info on all favors to a minimum, but I’m told no one really cares what they say. I’d add this to my grocery bag collection and use them all the dang time. What do you think? Would you reuse this bag?

Tweet:  @msrib – i’m totally torn between dresses. short & sassy (not sold on the chunky top) or long & flowy http://bit.ly/dqTlWe vs http://bit.ly/cX5phN

I know, I know… I already bought a dress… 2 dresses, in fact. I did manage to sell the original one after well over a year of attempting to get rid of the dang thing. The short and sassy all lace dress is easily returnable thanks to Macy’s fabulous return policy.  Monday afternoon I went back to David’s Bridal to check out the long and flowy gown again. I tried it on ages ago and loved it. It was a definite contender for my bridesmaids… ya know, if I was having bridesmaids. I still need to decide which I like best. The DB dress hasn’t been purchased yet, but even still, it is within budget. My Vegas dress budget was $200 (scandalous!) and the DB dress definitely falls in that range. Ehhhh who knows! I have total dress indecision, just like @CelestialAxis has been having.

Part of my problem is that I haven’t really had the ah-ha OMG bridal moment since the first gown. Here’s hoping it comes sooner than later seeing as we’re getting hitched in 103 days!