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Where “polite society” may not want to discuss lingerie, brides are all about discussing it and trying to find the perfect items to shape and support under our wedding gowns. As a plus size bride, it’s been difficult finding what I am looking for mostly because my in-store local options are vastly limited. I cannot shop at Victoria’s Secret due to their bra sizes being far too small. I will not shop at Frederick’s of Hollywood due to, well, they sell a lot of trashy lingerie and I don’t feel like digging through it. Lane Bryant sells some, but mostly Spanx and pretty corsets.

So I turned to the internet. Ah the glorious internet. I won’t shop at any stores called “big girls bras” or the like. Instead I discovered sites like and Both have a wide variety of sizes in a huge selection of everything from bras, bustiers, corsets, panties, all over shapers and so much more. As someone who exclusively buys bras at Lane Bryant, these sites are a godsend with free or relatively low shipping and great return policies.

Now for the matter at hand. My dress has spaghetti straps and is fitted in the bodice, in true empire waist form, than completely flowing chiffon down to the floor. After many internal and twitter-fed debates, I am opting for Spanx and a strapless. Or maybe a strapless and a waist cincher. Or maybe a basque bra and Spanx. The possibilities are endless.

From HipsAndCurves, I purchased the following items and should have them this week. I’ve got no problem posting what I purchased, just don’t ever expect a picture of me in these things! Between these and the high waisted Spanx, which would you wear? I’m not too concerned about fashion; more concerned with comfort and doing their job! 😉

Daisy Embroidered Basque
Daisy basque bra, in white: Image source

Waist Cincher With Garter Straps
The waist cincher, in white. Image source

Flirty Ruffle Boyshort
Ruffle boy shorts, in black. Image source

OK, so the shorts aren’t for the wedding day

Are you a plus-sized bride? What are you wearing under your wedding dress? Do you have tried and true lingerie items you’d never want to be without? Please share!

And then go check out the amazing Plumage Blog.


3 comments on “Pretty Underthings

  1. Chanele

    I have this:

    I am not sure if they have a size to accommodate you (I don’t know your size), but always remember to buy one band size larger and one cup size smaller (meaning 40D bras wear a 42C), which you may know! I find this comfortable, all things considered, and it definitely does a good job. I have tried it with a variety of my dresses, and I swear I feel like I got new clothes. Things I stopped wearing because they looked weird here or there (or absolutely needed strapless) are suddenly on the table again. I like it a lot! It seems to resemble the sold black one you have.

    Those shorts are freaking CUTE!

  2. Jewel Case

    I wore this ( and was really happy with it. But I really recommend going to a store to try on in person because even after the sales woman measured me, I ended up going 4 sizes smaller than my true measurements to get the right fit. Also, take your dress with you so you can make sure everything that you want hidden is truly hidden.

    Good luck!

    1. msrib

      That is very similar to the one I tried from HC. The problem is that the dress is lower cut than I realized and there was far too much sticking over the dress. Don’t get me wrong, the bra was crazy supportive as it should be for the cup size, but ugh… I’m going to see where they sell those near me and try it on. Thanks!

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