Not Such Pretty Underthings…

Back to the drawing board… none of the lingerie really made me happy. I now have a better idea of what I need and have to keep cup size in mind. Here’s why…

The long line bustier, while the best fit and shaping under the dress, stuck up about 1″ over the top of my dress. Honestly if I had a reason to keep it, I would! I ended up ordering the correct cup size but went one size up on my bra band. I can’t tell if the band increase was a problem or not as I loved the overall fit. It certainly coulda been tighter.

The waist cincher didn’t do a whole lot for me, even though it was the correct size. My waist is an odd number and I ordered the even size below instead of above as they suggested. It was actually a little loose right under my bust.

The ruffle panties were omg too cute… on the model. The front and back have the same rise and it was much farther than I feel comfortable wearing. Not only that, but the sizing was way off. According to the size chart, I ordered the correct size, but on my body they were just too big. I was really hoping to love them.

With the strapless bra, I really only have one complaint. I want to know who thought it was a good idea to have only 3 hook & eye’s on a bra with cups over DD. Especially those that are way over DD. I hate my boobs. Seriously hate them. I fear getting pregnant cuz I know they will only grow when all I want is for them to shrink! What, tangent?

My bad.

I’m starting over again. Keeping the strapless since I will need it for something one day. Do you have any suggestions of sites I should check?


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