August 17 TMW Post

Tweet: our ketubah wording has been finalized! now we need to create a design… oops #wedding

Tweet: ahhhhh our ketubah [text] has arrived! thank you thank you thank you to the lovely & uber talented @swoonoverit!

Way back in November, we started talking about making our own ketubah. If you’ve seen the prices being charged for even a very basic ketubah, you’d understand why. Anyhow, we tossed around the idea of drawing our own for a while and that’s when I contacted my amazingly talented twitter friend and calligrapher, Amanda. She and I went back and forth for several months over the fonts and the text and finally I got a sample. And then I got major goosebumps and chills. Seriously… this thing is REAL! Here’s a totally artsy pic of it, funky enough that you can’t really read it. I’ll save that for the final version. =D

Personal pic

For the uninformed, a ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. As soon as it is signed by all 5 people, the couple is officially married. A lot of Jewish couples sign their ketubah’s just prior to the actual ceremony, making it more of a formality than anything. Our ketubah is completely in English, which is more common these days. My parents is in half Hebrew, half English.

So there’s your Jewish lesson for the day!

Tweet: Too big? Kinda heavy but I don’t care! 🙂 #weddingflowers

Tweet: Up close for color accuracy #weddingflowers

Personal pictures

This one has orange/ red orchids, white miniature calla lilies, grass “filler” and stephanotis flowers. So basically my bouquet meaning is love, beauty, magnificent beauty, and marital happiness. There’s lots of beauty here apparently.

For the time being, the stems are tightly wrapped with green floral tape. However, mine must be super old since its way less “tape” and way more “green stretchy stuff” and is pinned around the stems. I cannot seem to find the original blue ribbon or sheer star ribbon (no surprise, I’ve moved 3 times since making the mock up) so for now, it’s unwrapped. Unless I buy more ribbon, I’ll likely use the 1″ orange and 5/8″ blue ribbon that I purchased a few months ago. My thinking, to keep the symmetry, is to sew the blue onto the orange and then wrap it. Or, wrap the orange and crisscross the blue around it and tie at the top with the memory lockets.


We Have a Ketubah! part 1

Holy crow people… we have wording for our Ketubah! I just emailed it off to the lovely and talented Amanda of Swoonoverit who is doing the calligraphy. Steve and I have been tossing around a few design ideas for the other 8″ of paper. As a reminder, I bought 12×12 cardstock for Amanda to use 4″ down the side for the vows and signature lines and us to use 8″ for the artwork.

And without further ado…. here are our wonderful and fabulous vows:

This Ketubah certifies before God and all those present that, on the Tenth Day of the Month of October, in the Year 2010, corresponding to the Second Day of the Month of Cheshvan, in the Year 5771, in the City of Las Vegas, in the State of Nevada, the Holy Covenant of Marriage was entered into between the Groom, [him], Son of [Mom], and the Bride, [her], Daughter of [parents].

Surrounded by family and friends, we affirm our commitment to each other as husband and wife. Our lives are now and forever intertwined. Our similarities will bind us, our differences will enrich us, and our love will define us. We will celebrate all of the passages of life together with joy and reverence. In times of happiness we will cherish each other, and in times of trouble we will protect each other. Together, we will create a home where both of our traditions are celebrated with honor, and where the values of our families are nurtured and passed on. We willingly enter into this covenant of companionship and love: from this day forward, we are as one.

Groom __________________
Witness _________________
Witness _________________

And a design idea:

This is, and has been, my favorite design. It started by my looking for trees, but when I saw all the details on it, it was just love. Steve and I just need to figure out what to put on our tree.

Ring Dishes & Ketubah!

i’m totally getting these for Steve’s and my mama’s for the wedding!

I was perusing etsy tonight and flipping through my favorites. And saw these little ring dishes. How adorable are they?! Oh, I’m totally getting one for myself as well. I’m thinking of this dish: either keeping the claddagh or replacing it with a 4-leaf clover or something Celtic. I have no idea why, but I’m totally drawn to Irish/ Celtic things. Maybe my grandmother was Irish. I like to think she was. I mean really, we’re all freckled with blue eyes. A girl can pretend, right? 😉

Have you purchased ring dishes? What did you use it for or did you just hang it on the wall? I’m picturing ours hanging near (probably underneath) our beautiful ketubah.

And on that note…

packed up the ketubah paper & the deposit and will be sending it to @swoonoverit on Monday! it’s really happening!!! #wedding

It’s going out on Monday! I cracked open the paper package tonight for the first time. It’s beautiful and thick white paper. The hardest part was finding something to ship the paper to Amanda totally flat. I ended up finally finding a scrapbooking paper keeper and putting thick cardboard on either side of the 15 sheets in the keeper. So exciting!!


overdue post

the paper for the ketubah has been ordered and is in my hot little hands! it’s white, 12×12, and non-textured. i need to send 10-12 sheets to our calligrapher, Amanda, in Gainesville. unfortunately, she’ll be out of town when i’m there next week visiting.

from the same company, Paper & More, i ordered 3 different colors of envelopes for our wedding invites: dark metallic blue, and metallic copper.

i’m leaning towards the dark blue ones, but the copper ones are in the running as well. whatcha think? keep in mind that our invitations are black with white lettering and the nighttime Vegas skyline, and our colors are orange, blue and ivory.  i also order a sample for my graduation announcements in a deep purple. they’re so pretty!

my shoes have been ordered and are about as damn cute as can be! they’re turquoise with a small little kitten heel, about 1.5″ and they’re mary jane’s. so effing cute!

my veil is coming along really nicely! i’m at row 61 of about 126 rows. the 61st row is 388 stitches. the last row is about 800 stitches. i’m no where near halfway done with it. but damn, it’s gorgeous! i really need to take an updated picture of it to show y’all. but not tonight seeing as it’s already after 1am! 🙂


Wedding Update

Hi! *waves*

Here’s the latest happs in our wedding world…

Ketubah: I’ve been conversing with the very talented Amanda of SwoonOverIt over writing the text for our ketubah. Steve will be drawing the artwork. We’ve been talking about different ideas for the artwork. These days I’m thinking a mosaic/ collage of us things.. still working on it. Right now I’ve decided on 12×12 paper and found a great deal at for a 50 pack for $12.99. I’ll post examples eventually. I sent a bunch to Amanda for text placement, but I’m not really in love with the designs.  But, promise, examples soon!

Hotels: I’ve been checking out a bunch of hotels on the Strip.  It seems like the prices change so much from week to week depending on when I check. It would also appear that we’re hitting October 2010 within the next few weeks! 

Cupcakes: definitely doing the cupcake tower from Retro Bakery. My only thought now is making the tower myself instead of buying the one from them for $15. It’s just a few cake plates, cardboard or Styrofoam, that I could decorate and assemble in Vegas. Who knows?  Like I need another DIY project, right?

I totally started knitting my veil last week. I’m up to about row 27 out of like 130

Ok, I think that’s enough for know. Yes?