Ring Dishes & Ketubah!

i’m totally getting these for Steve’s and my mama’s for the wedding! http://bit.ly/8D37Ry

I was perusing etsy tonight and flipping through my favorites. And saw these little ring dishes. How adorable are they?! Oh, I’m totally getting one for myself as well. I’m thinking of this dish: http://bit.ly/4zQjB9 either keeping the claddagh or replacing it with a 4-leaf clover or something Celtic. I have no idea why, but I’m totally drawn to Irish/ Celtic things. Maybe my grandmother was Irish. I like to think she was. I mean really, we’re all freckled with blue eyes. A girl can pretend, right? 😉

Have you purchased ring dishes? What did you use it for or did you just hang it on the wall? I’m picturing ours hanging near (probably underneath) our beautiful ketubah.

And on that note…

packed up the ketubah paper & the deposit and will be sending it to @swoonoverit on Monday! it’s really happening!!! #wedding

It’s going out on Monday! I cracked open the paper package tonight for the first time. It’s beautiful and thick white paper. The hardest part was finding something to ship the paper to Amanda totally flat. I ended up finally finding a scrapbooking paper keeper and putting thick cardboard on either side of the 15 sheets in the keeper. So exciting!!


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