We Have a Ketubah! part 1

Holy crow people… we have wording for our Ketubah! I just emailed it off to the lovely and talented Amanda of Swoonoverit who is doing the calligraphy. Steve and I have been tossing around a few design ideas for the other 8″ of paper. As a reminder, I bought 12×12 cardstock for Amanda to use 4″ down the side for the vows and signature lines and us to use 8″ for the artwork.

And without further ado…. here are our wonderful and fabulous vows:

This Ketubah certifies before God and all those present that, on the Tenth Day of the Month of October, in the Year 2010, corresponding to the Second Day of the Month of Cheshvan, in the Year 5771, in the City of Las Vegas, in the State of Nevada, the Holy Covenant of Marriage was entered into between the Groom, [him], Son of [Mom], and the Bride, [her], Daughter of [parents].

Surrounded by family and friends, we affirm our commitment to each other as husband and wife. Our lives are now and forever intertwined. Our similarities will bind us, our differences will enrich us, and our love will define us. We will celebrate all of the passages of life together with joy and reverence. In times of happiness we will cherish each other, and in times of trouble we will protect each other. Together, we will create a home where both of our traditions are celebrated with honor, and where the values of our families are nurtured and passed on. We willingly enter into this covenant of companionship and love: from this day forward, we are as one.

Groom __________________
Witness _________________
Witness _________________

And a design idea:

This is, and has been, my favorite design. It started by my looking for trees, but when I saw all the details on it, it was just love. Steve and I just need to figure out what to put on our tree.

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