Adoption Search Terms

I have got to check my search terms more in the future bc this happened in the last month:

  • “becca blog in Miami”
  • owls representing children tattoo”
  • “becca friends orlando fl”
  • “adoption of twins or triplets blogs”
  • “104,000 foster care children”
  • “do i have to take pride classes if i have non relative placement of a friends child in my home to adopt in florida”
  • “family paperwork infographic
  • A handful of “knit wedding veil” and about a dozen variations of “becca blogs

Some of theses are pretty amusing and I’m still baffled that they led to my little blog.

By far, my most visited post is the one about Apple Butter. Even before I posted the link to Pinterest, it got several hits a day. And now, I’m breaking 100 hits a day. Oh Pinterest, I do love thee.


Knitted Veil in Action

You know you wanted to see the veil I painstakingly knit for nearly 6 months, right? RIGHT?!

I love this thing. Seriously. I can’t wait to pass it down to our daughter or, pending no girls, our son’s fiance. Hopefully it’ll stay in great condition for the next 25++ years. Yes, I want my kids to get married in their mid- to late-20s. Early 30s wouldn’t be bad either…

Oh yeah, the veil… TA-DA!

Gorgeous veil in a gorgeous setting… the Bellagio Hotel! *

* Photo credit by Catherine Torres and uploaded to our Shutterfly account.

ps- did you notice that there’s a new header image up there? ^^


Veil, Blocked!

It’s finished. It’s blocked. Now I just need to sew the comb onto it. It’s currently sitting pinned to the blocking mats in our spare room.


4.5 months later, my wedding veil is done

All of my progress pictures since casting on October 29, 2009.

One of my favorites twitter tags lately has been #imcrazy.

I’m crazy for undertaking such a huge knitting project. As a fairly new knitter, I decided that I would knit my wedding veil. I cast on the first stitches on October 29, 2009 and just now finished it on March 16, 2010. It was a very long 4.5 months and well over 48,000 stitches.

I am unbelievably proud of myself for undertaking this project and completing it.
So proud of how gorgeous it turned out.
So proud of my perseverance in knitting every day at lunch and while watching TV at night.

I still need to block* it and attach it to the comb. But for now, it is completely finished.

* Blocking means wetting the piece and pinning it to a board to force it into the proper shape.


100th Post!

I wish I had something more exciting to post as my 100th blog post, but alas, I’m boring today. 🙂

Check me out on TweetMyWedding Tuesday’s!

Good news? I am about halfway through my bind off row on the veil. That’s right, I’m about an hour or so from being done with it! And it is GORGEOUS! I brought it to work today to finish during lunch and of course had to show it off to my co-workers.

Look ma… no needles!

March 9 TMW Post

As seen posted last week on TweetMyWedding:

by the time i’m done w/my wedding veil, i’ll have knit over 48K stitches. by far the most on a single project. 16 more rows! – 111 rows, 14 to go! #veil

Hey y’all!

I’m Becca, 33 years old, moving to Miami with my fiancé and our dog and cat in about a month, and getting married in Las Vegas on October 10, 2010. We’re having a super low key wedding out in Vegas and a reception later on in Miami. I am super excited to be the newest blogger here on TweetMyWedding as I’ve been following along with the brides since last year.

My biggest DIY project for our Vegas nuptials is knitting my veil. Yes, you read that right, I am knitting my veil. I cast on my first stitches on October 29, 2009, which feels like it was a million years ago. I am using this pattern, that I found on Ravelry (a password-required website), and modifying it to edge it in our wedding colors of orange and blue. The entire veil is 126 rows and as of today, I have 14 rows remaining until I bind off.

time for a daily reminder: BNWT gorgeous wedding dress for sale, never altered please RT

How many of you ran out and bought your dress immediately after getting engaged? Did you have a wedding plan? Do you currently have a different wedding plan? Do you still love the dress you bought?

Not me. We got engaged in April 2008 and bought my dress 2 weeks later. We had a tentative plan of having a backyard wedding at my parent’s house in Miami. Even if not interested in purchasing a wedding dress, click on the link above to see it. Gorgeous, right? Yeah, I know. <3 However, we are now flying to Vegas the day before the wedding and my vision has completely changed… to a short knee-length dress. So I’m trying to sell it and have been since May.

Follow me on twitter and follow along with my progress for the next 215 days!


Wedding Veil and … Pawn Stars?

You want to read more about our wedding? Not much is going on, but while nothing is happening, I’ve still been knitting. That’s right, yesterday at lunch I hit row 83 of 126. Not only that, but it marks the end of the main body of the veil. Up next are the peacock feathers then the color changes.

Oh, you want to see a picture too? Man are you demanding! 😉

Also, Steve and I watch Pawn Stars whenever we remember it’s on. It’s not one of those “OMG we have to watch it” shows, but we do love it. As we were watching it last night, he said we should go to the store when we’re out there in October. You know, for our wedding… and I said absolutely! But would love to bring something with me to try and sell. We looked around the house and finally I looked up.

Hanging over my head is this amazing plate brought back from the People’s Republic of China around the time when I was born. My grandmother gave it to my parents and said I was small enough to sleep on it. Yeah, I was. So it’s at least 33 years old, and stamped with Chinese characters and “Made in Taiwan People’s Republic of China” on the back.

The only thing is I haven’t the foggiest idea how to find out it’s value…

Source: my wall

veil combs

I want to wear my veil, but not my hair, like this:

Tonight I started looking for combs to attach my lovely knitted veil to so I can shove it into my hair.However, I also have a total bling comb that I bought ages ago. I cannot and will not attach the veil to the bling comb since there are rhinestones and crystals all over the place that can snag it. And after knitting it for months, I don’t want it ruined! 🙂

So here’s my choices for the combs:

Read the sizes in their descriptions and let me know whatcha think, please. 🙂