Knitted Veil in Action

You know you wanted to see the veil I painstakingly knit for nearly 6 months, right? RIGHT?!

I love this thing. Seriously. I can’t wait to pass it down to our daughter or, pending no girls, our son’s fiance. Hopefully it’ll stay in great condition for the next 25++ years. Yes, I want my kids to get married in their mid- to late-20s. Early 30s wouldn’t be bad either…

Oh yeah, the veil… TA-DA!

Gorgeous veil in a gorgeous setting… the Bellagio Hotel! *

* Photo credit by Catherine Torres and uploaded to our Shutterfly account.

ps- did you notice that there’s a new header image up there? ^^


6 comments on “Knitted Veil in Action

  1. Xine

    Dear god, woman. You cannot be one of *those* mothers-in-law. I would have never, ever, ever worn my mother-in-law’s veil with her school colors! Do NOT get your dreams set on your future daughter-in-law wanting to wear it!

    1. msrib

      hahahahaha! but woman, my kids are going to UF where they will meet their spouses so it’ll be *their* school colors.

      Oh man.. I really need to go to bed. Or maybe I need to wake up bc I think I’m dreaming. ;D

      Chances are it’ll be used as a shawl or funky wall hanging.

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