Hand-knit Wedding Veil

See my wedding veil in action! And also blocked and drying. It is complete and completely gorgeous. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out and it’s received several compliments.

Progress pictures on Flickr

No idea why, but I was playing on Ravelry* like I tend to do a few times a week. I am already going to be knitting a garter for Miss Abby’s wedding at the end of October, so I was looking up other wedding projects. And stumbled across veils. Holy smokes, how awesome would that be?

The above pattern (LJ link) is my favorite one as it can later be used as a wrap, or a home decoration, and definitely an heirloom for future Benaim-Fletcher generations. It can even be sewn together and used as a small lap blanket/ baby blanket.

Whatcha think? I do have a concern with the weight, but already asked the pattern designer.

Yes, I am a huge DIY fan and figure with over a year until the wedding and school ending for good in May, I should be able to actually complete it! What have you made for your wedding/ friends weddings?

*Ravelry is the greatest website known to knitters and crocheters.. it’s got a plethora of patterns and well, it’s the candy shop to fiber artists.


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