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OK my friends, I have a small dilemma. Or as @atomichris would say, #1stworldproblems.

We have over a thousand pictures from our week in Vegas. Tons of photos from Cathy, Steve and my cameras. There are also nearly 150 pro pictures from the wedding day and an unknown amount from the photo shoot 2 days later. I think it’ll be around 50, but since we haven’t seen or picked them yet, I have no idea.

Last summer, I won 2 photo books, each worth $50, from Inkubook. They expire on November 30th. Off a recent Groupon, I purchased 2 additional books/ whatever from Picaboo up to $100 each. They expire August 12, 2011. I was recently (2 days ago) told that if you submit reviews on TripAdvisor.com, they’ll send you a free 8×8 photo book from ShutterFly. Also, I purchased a 12×12 scrapbook a few days ago for all the things we collected and pictures.

As I wrote this post, I think I solved my dilemma. I do believe I’ll be using the Inkubooks for both sets of pro pictures – 1 book for each day. Using the 2 Picaboo books for our reception, and using the Shutterfly books for parent books, gifts, or anything else. If those don’t get used, I know I can get more by just writing a new review. Oh, and the scrapbook for trip pictures – no wedding pictures.

I have no idea if I’d make all these books if I hadn’t already won or purchased them.

What would you do? How would you handle it?

And I couldn’t leave you without a picture after mentioning that I have over 1000 in my possession right now. =)


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