March 9 TMW Post

As seen posted last week on TweetMyWedding:

by the time i’m done w/my wedding veil, i’ll have knit over 48K stitches. by far the most on a single project. 16 more rows! – 111 rows, 14 to go! #veil

Hey y’all!

I’m Becca, 33 years old, moving to Miami with my fiancĂ© and our dog and cat in about a month, and getting married in Las Vegas on October 10, 2010. We’re having a super low key wedding out in Vegas and a reception later on in Miami. I am super excited to be the newest blogger here on TweetMyWedding as I’ve been following along with the brides since last year.

My biggest DIY project for our Vegas nuptials is knitting my veil. Yes, you read that right, I am knitting my veil. I cast on my first stitches on October 29, 2009, which feels like it was a million years ago. I am using this pattern, that I found on Ravelry (a password-required website), and modifying it to edge it in our wedding colors of orange and blue. The entire veil is 126 rows and as of today, I have 14 rows remaining until I bind off.

time for a daily reminder: BNWT gorgeous wedding dress for sale, never altered please RT

How many of you ran out and bought your dress immediately after getting engaged? Did you have a wedding plan? Do you currently have a different wedding plan? Do you still love the dress you bought?

Not me. We got engaged in April 2008 and bought my dress 2 weeks later. We had a tentative plan of having a backyard wedding at my parent’s house in Miami. Even if not interested in purchasing a wedding dress, click on the link above to see it. Gorgeous, right? Yeah, I know. <3 However, we are now flying to Vegas the day before the wedding and my vision has completely changed… to a short knee-length dress. So I’m trying to sell it and have been since May.

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