October 26 TMW Post

Hello hello! Did you miss me? I know, I know. 3 of us brides sorta dropped outta sight there for a few weeks between our weddings then honeymoons. Me? I have no excuse for last week. We were in Vegas until October 13th, and I can’t wait to go back!

Tweet: Ok folks… Here we go! New twitter name time. It should automatically work, but i’ll be @rbfletcher in a few minutes. Bye bye @msrib

Tweet: it looks odd having a diff name! i’ve been Ms. RIB since i was born. on to bigger & better things as Mrs. Fletcher!

So yeah, I’m MARRIED! We had a truly truly amazing time in Vegas. I know it was one of the craziest, most hectic weekends of the year (and since 07-07-07) there, but it really wasn’t bad at ALL. Sure, there were tons of people and a crapload of brides, but isn’t there always? I mean, it’s Vegas Baybee!

Taken by my brother’s girlfriend

Hopefully by now, 2+ weeks later, you’ve seen my wedding day #OWT feed set up by @TweetMyWedding. Seriously, I can watch this over and over again and never tire of all the amazing folks I’ve met on Twitter over the years. So many well wishers!

Tweet: pro pics in hand, so it’s time to make my @inkubook that i won like a million years ago. saving 1 for our pics from @emericphoto

Our pictures are awesome! I look slightly pregnant, but well, I didn’t really do anything to lose weight before the wedding. I know, I’m a bad former bride. Watching all my friends struggle to lose weight and look even more gorgeous on their wedding days, I went the less stressful route and relaxed and spent time sitting on the couch instead of working out. Working out aggravates my horribly knee and ankle, so I decided not to do that. I swam a bit, but that’s about it.

Tweet: RT @emericphoto check out Becca & Steve’s Freemont St. Day-After Session on the blog!

Tweet: We’re on the @LasVegasWed blog!!  #101010

My last few weeks have been filled with excitement over receiving our video, pictures, and putting together numerous photo books. I am also trying to get our pictures posted on as many blogs as I can. Seriously, how many people really take 6 months to hand knit their wedding veil?! I might not be gorgeous or skinny, but I still deserve to be posted other places, right? It’s been a great experience being on the TMW blog and I want to expand on that feeling before my fascination with our wedding fades and I switch into mommy blog mode. Hopefully that’ll be soon! Oh yes, I totally bought What to Expect Before You’re Expecting this weekend and we’ve been discussing kids quite a lot. Then again, we are 34 and 3 months shy of 40.

Tweet: This 2 part wedding thing is awesome! Last night our “party committee” started giving themselves assignments so we have to do nothing for it.

My aunt, brother’s girlfriend and her family have basically taken the reigns to plan our January reception. Hello dream come true! They started planning the desserts, meal, music, photography, and everything else. When I asked what they were talking about, they pretty much said don’t worry about it. I know there’s going to be a few surprises – though I did figure out the Mariachi band part already – and I can only say that I am thrilled about it! Sure sure, I’m sure they’ll ask me if there’s something really important and I do hope to find out anything major first. There’s definitely a handful of things that I’ve already started on for the party.

I’ll leave you with a few of our pro pictures… all below taken by Scenic Las Vegas Weddings


October 5 TMW Post

Tweet: 10 fingers. 2 hands. No more extra appendages needed to count. Eep! #wedding

Tweet: at this time next Sunday, I will be forever legally tied to Steve. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet.

Tweet: Feeling very bridal today (t-minus 7 days!) & yep, that’s my dress hanging in the background 😀

Ok so we’re in the home stretch here folks! My wedding is 5 days away. F-I-V-E D-A-Y-S!! We have a whole slew of countdown tweets. This week has been a bit surreal in terms of the countdown to my wedding. I still have a few things left to do, some of which have been done by the time this entry posts.

Stuff favors with goodies… CHECK!
Spray cake topper with gloss… CHECK!
Pack up cake plates, cake topper, favors, guest canvas & markers, napkins,
Finish addressing and embossing envelopes
Weave in all ends & attach veil to comb… CHECK (see below)
Create packing list… CHECK
Charge all electronics
PACK… [I predict Thursday night for this one]
Book show tickets
Make dinner reservations
… I’m sure there’s stuff missing and I only have 3 days to complete it all since we’re leaving on Friday!

I’m leaving you with a few pictures of my last minute stuff. By the next time I post, I will be MARRIED to my love! There might not be a true post next Tuesday as I will still be in Vegas, but I’ll have my netbook with me to send in a brief update and some pictures!

Also, you lucky folks get to see me around here for 3 more months. That’s right; I will be chronicling the planning of our reception in January for the next few months.

Tweet: My night: Fringe, IMing w/my [best friend] & weaving in the ends of my veil & attaching it to a comb.

Tweet: Tadaaaaaaa! #iknitmyweddingveil #itsfinallydone!

Tweet: #cheesy cake plate & favor hang tags.. #lastminutestuff #wedding


September 28 TMW Post

Oh what a bad blogger I am! As you saw in my last post, I have a new job. To say the very least, things are very busy around here. I still need to finish printing and embossing the invitations. The plan is for them to go out while we’re in Vegas so hopefully folks are receiving them before we’re back. This also means that I need to crazy update our website since the link is on every single piece in the invite suite.

Umm oops.

And now, onto my weekly post:

Tweet: It’s so close that it’s a milk expiration date! #101010 #wedding

Well, here we are less than 2 weeks away from our Vegas Vows and there is quite a bit going on. Because we’re having a separate reception back in Miami in January, I only have to worry about coordinating the handful of guests coming to Vegas.  At this point, the is my younger brother D, his fantastic girlfriend C, my friend K will be there for another 10-10-10 wedding and hopefully can stop by, Steve’s friend S and his girlfriend. The fab @GlamWife and former TMW bride lives in Vegas and hopefully we’ll be able to meet up during our 5 days in the desert.

So there it is, we have 5 confirmed guests after sending out numerous emails, texts and Facebook messages. One of our friends responded to tell me something came up and they can’t fly out. Another has about 10k in med school apps and interview fees and can’t make it. Totally understandable. There are still a few people that just don’t respond to anything.

Tweet: Foregoing Grand Canyon, seeing @Zumanity & @xBurlesque, lots of sightseeing & hopefully lunch/ dinner w/@GlamWife!

Last night we booked our Zumanity tickets and, while they are pricey, we have pretty damn amazing seats! Like second row on the right side of the stage amazing. I also ordered our water bottle favors. I’m actually going to keep that under wraps since there are a few guests that read this. They’ll be stuffed with some goodies – also keeping under wraps – and shipped to Vegas in advance. Even though we have 5 guests, plus the 2 of us, I ordered 12. I figured we can give them to vendors or our parents.

Steve and I opted not to do the Grand Canyon day trip. We’re going to spend the day in Vegas enjoying our day after the wedding glow wandering around, hanging by the pool and just enjoying ourselves. My brother and his girlfriend (who celebrated their 2 year anniversary yesterday!) are still going to the Grand Canyon.

Tweet: wow. i knew it would be busy, but wow… #101010 wedding in Vegas

If you don’t feel like clicking the link, here’s the text that has me worried:


We expect the Marriage License Bureau to be very busy October 7-10, 2010.  If you plan to obtain a marriage license on one of those days, we encourage you to:

  • Complete the Online Pre-Application form. This will save time when you arrive to obtain your license.
  • Be sure to have proper identification.
  • If possible, come to the Marriage License Bureau one or two days before your wedding.  If you must come on October 10, arrive a minimum of 4 hours before your ceremony is scheduled to be sure you are not rushed on your special day.
  • Dress for the weather as you may be waiting in line outside.  Temperatures can reach the mid-90s in October.

This just freaks me out. We are getting married on THE most popular date of the entire year in the wedding capital of the world. Yep, we’re crazy. According to the LV Courts website, the wait for a marriage license can be several hours, like exceeding 4 hours, whereas it’s normally an hour at most. I’ve already told Steve that I plan on getting us up and out of the hotel by 8am on Saturday, taking the bus Gold line to the court house and hopefully be out of there by 10am. The only other thing we need to do is be at the hotel for our Retro Bakery cake and cupcakes delivery around 6pm or so. I need to check on the time as the date gets closer so we’re at the hotel.

Tweet: 2 weeks from today I’ll be waking up in Vegas on my wedding day #101010

I posted this Sunday morning… And then all day long I had Katy Perry’s “Waking up in Vegas” running through my head.


September 21 TMW Post

Tweet: so relieved that my dress fit & the strap length is now perfect! 3 weeks left to lose arm fat 😉 #wedding

Tweet: surprise! pretty much only my female friends and fellow brides might appreciate this one =D

Things are really wrapping up now. I picked up my dress from getting teeny tiny alterations to the straps and it fits perfectly. OK, well not perfectly but close enough. I am still on the hunt for undergarments, but what I’m wearing in the above picture might just work out. It’s a too small strapless bra and an underbust corset-type thing with a hook and eye closure. It sucks everything in where it needs to be sucked in. Too bad it can’t work wonders for my arm fat. I have a few more weeks to swim in my parent’s pool and hope to diminish it a bit. If not, no big deal. Seriously. I mean it… it’s not a big deal! My fiancé loves me as is and doesn’t want me to change too much. This is why I love him so much! Or part of it at least. 😉

Yes, I am aware that I am an odd bride. And quite proud of it actually.

Tweet: Final wedding payment coming out today for the all in one photog/ video/ limo/ ceremony. Woohoo! 20 more days to go!!

Holy shnikes this thing is for real! It’s been so amazing with my wedding weekend buddies @brokebride2be and @celestialaxis counting down and pushing each other along.

Today I called and changed the credit card for the final payment for Vegas. As a reminder, we are using a single company in Vegas (Scenic Las Vegas Weddings) that will provide us with the minister, photographer, video/ slide show, limo to various locations, and the flowers. I have booked the bakery (the amazing Retro Bakery) and a hair stylist for me wedding morning (Storybook Brides). We pretty much don’t need anything else except some wine or champagne to go with the cupcakes. Oh, and the favors that I’m mailing out to Vegas to myself, along with the canvas guestbook and the markers.

Our “Trash the Dress” session is the Tuesday after the wedding and we’ve got that booked already with Amelia Cline and Jessie Emeric. TTD session? What?! Remember that I was the extremely lucky winner of this from Green Orchid! I am stoked but dunno if I’m more excited about the wedding itself or the TTD session. Either way, our 5 days in Vegas is going to be amazing!

In 20-something days, I will be ready to focus fully on our January reception here in Miami.


Sept 7 TMW Post

Tweet: i’m almost 95% sure that i’m wearing my mom’s pearls and earrings for my Something Old… & cuz she won’t be at my wedding

My parents will not be present when we exchange vows. Nor will his mother, our aunts or aunts, or any cousins or siblings. The only family present will be my younger brother. Sure, we will be surrounded by love from our friends, but is it really the same?

I have been trying to come up with ways for my grandparents to be present in the form of bouquet charms. It seems that I was overlooking the 2 most important people in my life: my parents. The people that raised me and made me who I am today. Um, duh? Yeah, so I decided to wear my mother’s pearls. She has 2 gorgeous sets of differing lengths. The longer ones were a gift when she graduating from high school, the shorter set was her college graduation gift. I am pretty sure I want to wear the shorter pair as they have a really cool clasp.

Tweet: bit the bullet & just reserved my wedding hair appointment for 11am in my room.

Tweet: now that i’ve booked a hair appt, i need to find inspiration, something that can withstand the weight of my knit veil

Y’all have seen this already since I posted it here a few days ago. Yes, I do recycle my blogs sometimes, but it’s rare.

After contacting several Vegas hair and make-up artists about a month ago, I realized that my time is ticking down quite rapidly. I finally booked Storybook Brides after checking their reviews on WeddingWire, Facebook, and even their web page. Yes, they were the cheapest and I’m hoping that doesn’t bite me in the butt. I’ve emailed the owner several times and she seems very nice and responds quickly. All her reviews on WW are really positive. For an updo, it is $80 and they’ll come to our hotel room. I’m doing my own make-up, which means I need to practice! It’s been a while since I’ve worn make-up and even longer (never) since I’ve put on photo-worthy make-up.

The problem now is that I really need some awesome pictures of updo’s that can hold my heavy-ish veil. This is where all y’all can help me. Thrilling, yes? My hair is a few inches below my shoulders. In October, in the middle of the afternoon, the temperature should be roughly 70 degrees. During October, temps fluctuate between the low 50s and the 80s. Holy gorgeous, Batman! What was I talking about? Right, hair. I tend to get very hot and always put my hair up. Add to that about 5-7 pounds of yarn. Basically, as beautiful as a half updo would be, I think it needs to be totally up. Sooooo, feel free to post me links or pictures of hair you’ve seen that you think might work. Thanks!


Aug 31 TMW Post

Tweet: i so want to change all my screen names now to make sure i get them after i print them on my business cards. 42 days left..

To go along with last week’s TMW post, I am designing business cards. Well, more like personal calling cards as I don’t really have a business. Yet. Anyhow, I changed my Facebook username (yes, already), reserved a new twitter name, changed my LinkedIn profile name and am debating changing my Foursquare name to my married name. I also reserved and started using my married name Gmail address. The only thing I wasn’t able to change was my Etsy username, but c’est la vie… nothing I can do about that.

What steps have you taken to change your name after marriage, if you are changing it, that is?

Tweet: my mom described my wedding as “a bunch of 30somethings romping around Vegas for a few days” which i think is quite amusing & accurate.

Oh wow… this made me SO happy! We’re just over 6 weeks away from our weeklong trip to Vegas with about 10 of our friends and my younger brother. My brother’s amazing girlfriend and I have been discussing the various shows we want to see. We’re also planning a day trip to the Grand Canyon and, of course, casino hopping. She also wants to find and ride all the roller coasters up and down the Strip. I, on the other hand, will be perfectly happy taking pictures of her on said coasters. =D

We’re staying at the Luxor, so the far south end. I’ve already checked out the monorail and shuttle system to get us around town without a car or too much walking. Steve and I both have bum right feet (self-diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis) so we’d really like to not have to hike the full 4+ miles of the Strip.

I haven’t looked too much into restaurants to be sure to eat at, but Emeril’s Steakhouse is a must visit for us. And the Flamingo buffet. We want the unique to Vegas places. No chains for us! That’s actually my rule of thumb for almost all my vacations; to get the full experience.

Are you a Vegas fan? What are your favorite must-see shows? What about favorite restaurants?


August 24 TMW Post

Tweet: i’m having a major crisis of uniqueness.. my name goes from being 100% unique to utterly common in 50 days. 100s have my married name..

So, @celestialaxis and I were discussing this the other day. My name is currently 100% unique. I’ve checked. If you google my name, every result will be me. When I googled my married name, I found 38,100 results of hundreds of different people. Do you know how horrible that is? Yes, I am taking my fiancé’s last name. No, I do not want to hyphenate. Basically, I’m having a crisis of my identity. But no, not an identity crisis. I know who I am.. but, well, you know what I mean. I will become Mrs. Rebecca Maiden-name Married-name in a mere 47 days.

A big part of this crisis stemmed from my latest business plan. I am crafty (hello DIY bride!) and wanted to revamp my etsy storefront. Along with that revamping, I was creating new business cards for myself. Up until now, I never gave my personal brand a second thought. Since the moment I was born, I was MsRIB. My name has special meanings to me, not because I am the last of the line (I have 2 brothers) but because my father named me after himself. He signs his artwork MrRIB. MrsRBF doesn’t have the same ring to it. By the way, I’m not changing my twitter name.

Did you/ are you changing your name after marriage?


August 17 TMW Post

Tweet: our ketubah wording has been finalized! now we need to create a design… oops #wedding

Tweet: ahhhhh our ketubah [text] has arrived! thank you thank you thank you to the lovely & uber talented @swoonoverit!

Way back in November, we started talking about making our own ketubah. If you’ve seen the prices being charged for even a very basic ketubah, you’d understand why. Anyhow, we tossed around the idea of drawing our own for a while and that’s when I contacted my amazingly talented twitter friend and calligrapher, Amanda. She and I went back and forth for several months over the fonts and the text and finally I got a sample. And then I got major goosebumps and chills. Seriously… this thing is REAL! Here’s a totally artsy pic of it, funky enough that you can’t really read it. I’ll save that for the final version. =D

Personal pic

For the uninformed, a ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. As soon as it is signed by all 5 people, the couple is officially married. A lot of Jewish couples sign their ketubah’s just prior to the actual ceremony, making it more of a formality than anything. Our ketubah is completely in English, which is more common these days. My parents is in half Hebrew, half English.

So there’s your Jewish lesson for the day!

Tweet: Too big? Kinda heavy but I don’t care! 🙂 #weddingflowers

Tweet: Up close for color accuracy #weddingflowers

Personal pictures

This one has orange/ red orchids, white miniature calla lilies, grass “filler” and stephanotis flowers. So basically my bouquet meaning is love, beauty, magnificent beauty, and marital happiness. There’s lots of beauty here apparently.

For the time being, the stems are tightly wrapped with green floral tape. However, mine must be super old since its way less “tape” and way more “green stretchy stuff” and is pinned around the stems. I cannot seem to find the original blue ribbon or sheer star ribbon (no surprise, I’ve moved 3 times since making the mock up) so for now, it’s unwrapped. Unless I buy more ribbon, I’ll likely use the 1″ orange and 5/8″ blue ribbon that I purchased a few months ago. My thinking, to keep the symmetry, is to sew the blue onto the orange and then wrap it. Or, wrap the orange and crisscross the blue around it and tie at the top with the memory lockets.