Aug 31 TMW Post

Tweet: i so want to change all my screen names now to make sure i get them after i print them on my business cards. 42 days left..

To go along with last week’s TMW post, I am designing business cards. Well, more like personal calling cards as I don’t really have a business. Yet. Anyhow, I changed my Facebook username (yes, already), reserved a new twitter name, changed my LinkedIn profile name and am debating changing my Foursquare name to my married name. I also reserved and started using my married name Gmail address. The only thing I wasn’t able to change was my Etsy username, but c’est la vie… nothing I can do about that.

What steps have you taken to change your name after marriage, if you are changing it, that is?

Tweet: my mom described my wedding as “a bunch of 30somethings romping around Vegas for a few days” which i think is quite amusing & accurate.

Oh wow… this made me SO happy! We’re just over 6 weeks away from our weeklong trip to Vegas with about 10 of our friends and my younger brother. My brother’s amazing girlfriend and I have been discussing the various shows we want to see. We’re also planning a day trip to the Grand Canyon and, of course, casino hopping. She also wants to find and ride all the roller coasters up and down the Strip. I, on the other hand, will be perfectly happy taking pictures of her on said coasters. =D

We’re staying at the Luxor, so the far south end. I’ve already checked out the monorail and shuttle system to get us around town without a car or too much walking. Steve and I both have bum right feet (self-diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis) so we’d really like to not have to hike the full 4+ miles of the Strip.

I haven’t looked too much into restaurants to be sure to eat at, but Emeril’s Steakhouse is a must visit for us. And the Flamingo buffet. We want the unique to Vegas places. No chains for us! That’s actually my rule of thumb for almost all my vacations; to get the full experience.

Are you a Vegas fan? What are your favorite must-see shows? What about favorite restaurants?


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  1. Kelly

    I’m hoping Michael will take me to see Phantom of the Opera while we’re there. It’s one of the very, very few that he likes. Can you send me info about the monorail? That sounds like a good idea, my ankle gets fatigued after I’m standing for a while. Can’t believe it’s only a month and change away!!

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