September 28 TMW Post

Oh what a bad blogger I am! As you saw in my last post, I have a new job. To say the very least, things are very busy around here. I still need to finish printing and embossing the invitations. The plan is for them to go out while we’re in Vegas so hopefully folks are receiving them before we’re back. This also means that I need to crazy update our website since the link is on every single piece in the invite suite.

Umm oops.

And now, onto my weekly post:

Tweet: It’s so close that it’s a milk expiration date! #101010 #wedding

Well, here we are less than 2 weeks away from our Vegas Vows and there is quite a bit going on. Because we’re having a separate reception back in Miami in January, I only have to worry about coordinating the handful of guests coming to Vegas.  At this point, the is my younger brother D, his fantastic girlfriend C, my friend K will be there for another 10-10-10 wedding and hopefully can stop by, Steve’s friend S and his girlfriend. The fab @GlamWife and former TMW bride lives in Vegas and hopefully we’ll be able to meet up during our 5 days in the desert.

So there it is, we have 5 confirmed guests after sending out numerous emails, texts and Facebook messages. One of our friends responded to tell me something came up and they can’t fly out. Another has about 10k in med school apps and interview fees and can’t make it. Totally understandable. There are still a few people that just don’t respond to anything.

Tweet: Foregoing Grand Canyon, seeing @Zumanity & @xBurlesque, lots of sightseeing & hopefully lunch/ dinner w/@GlamWife!

Last night we booked our Zumanity tickets and, while they are pricey, we have pretty damn amazing seats! Like second row on the right side of the stage amazing. I also ordered our water bottle favors. I’m actually going to keep that under wraps since there are a few guests that read this. They’ll be stuffed with some goodies – also keeping under wraps – and shipped to Vegas in advance. Even though we have 5 guests, plus the 2 of us, I ordered 12. I figured we can give them to vendors or our parents.

Steve and I opted not to do the Grand Canyon day trip. We’re going to spend the day in Vegas enjoying our day after the wedding glow wandering around, hanging by the pool and just enjoying ourselves. My brother and his girlfriend (who celebrated their 2 year anniversary yesterday!) are still going to the Grand Canyon.

Tweet: wow. i knew it would be busy, but wow… #101010 wedding in Vegas

If you don’t feel like clicking the link, here’s the text that has me worried:


We expect the Marriage License Bureau to be very busy October 7-10, 2010.  If you plan to obtain a marriage license on one of those days, we encourage you to:

  • Complete the Online Pre-Application form. This will save time when you arrive to obtain your license.
  • Be sure to have proper identification.
  • If possible, come to the Marriage License Bureau one or two days before your wedding.  If you must come on October 10, arrive a minimum of 4 hours before your ceremony is scheduled to be sure you are not rushed on your special day.
  • Dress for the weather as you may be waiting in line outside.  Temperatures can reach the mid-90s in October.

This just freaks me out. We are getting married on THE most popular date of the entire year in the wedding capital of the world. Yep, we’re crazy. According to the LV Courts website, the wait for a marriage license can be several hours, like exceeding 4 hours, whereas it’s normally an hour at most. I’ve already told Steve that I plan on getting us up and out of the hotel by 8am on Saturday, taking the bus Gold line to the court house and hopefully be out of there by 10am. The only other thing we need to do is be at the hotel for our Retro Bakery cake and cupcakes delivery around 6pm or so. I need to check on the time as the date gets closer so we’re at the hotel.

Tweet: 2 weeks from today I’ll be waking up in Vegas on my wedding day #101010

I posted this Sunday morning… And then all day long I had Katy Perry’s “Waking up in Vegas” running through my head.


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