Knitted Veil in Action

You know you wanted to see the veil I painstakingly knit for nearly 6 months, right? RIGHT?!

I love this thing. Seriously. I can’t wait to pass it down to our daughter or, pending no girls, our son’s fiance. Hopefully it’ll stay in great condition for the next 25++ years. Yes, I want my kids to get married in their mid- to late-20s. Early 30s wouldn’t be bad either…

Oh yeah, the veil… TA-DA!

Gorgeous veil in a gorgeous setting… the Bellagio Hotel! *

* Photo credit by Catherine Torres and uploaded to our Shutterfly account.

ps- did you notice that there’s a new header image up there? ^^


October 5 TMW Post

Tweet: 10 fingers. 2 hands. No more extra appendages needed to count. Eep! #wedding

Tweet: at this time next Sunday, I will be forever legally tied to Steve. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet.

Tweet: Feeling very bridal today (t-minus 7 days!) & yep, that’s my dress hanging in the background 😀

Ok so we’re in the home stretch here folks! My wedding is 5 days away. F-I-V-E D-A-Y-S!! We have a whole slew of countdown tweets. This week has been a bit surreal in terms of the countdown to my wedding. I still have a few things left to do, some of which have been done by the time this entry posts.

Stuff favors with goodies… CHECK!
Spray cake topper with gloss… CHECK!
Pack up cake plates, cake topper, favors, guest canvas & markers, napkins,
Finish addressing and embossing envelopes
Weave in all ends & attach veil to comb… CHECK (see below)
Create packing list… CHECK
Charge all electronics
PACK… [I predict Thursday night for this one]
Book show tickets
Make dinner reservations
… I’m sure there’s stuff missing and I only have 3 days to complete it all since we’re leaving on Friday!

I’m leaving you with a few pictures of my last minute stuff. By the next time I post, I will be MARRIED to my love! There might not be a true post next Tuesday as I will still be in Vegas, but I’ll have my netbook with me to send in a brief update and some pictures!

Also, you lucky folks get to see me around here for 3 more months. That’s right; I will be chronicling the planning of our reception in January for the next few months.

Tweet: My night: Fringe, IMing w/my [best friend] & weaving in the ends of my veil & attaching it to a comb.

Tweet: Tadaaaaaaa! #iknitmyweddingveil #itsfinallydone!

Tweet: #cheesy cake plate & favor hang tags.. #lastminutestuff #wedding


March 30 TMW Post

Disclaimer: For all y’all not following my wedding planning antics over on TweetMyWedding Tuesdays, I’ll try to remember to post them all here.  Unfortunately I’ve been seriously lagging at that and so there’s going to be in flux… apologies!

Tweet: i think, cuz i’m wearing sneakers to it, that i need to knit some cute ruffled socks for my wedding. got a good pattern for me?

Tweet: i decided to knit another pair of these as i absolutely love them. but in an orange &/or blue color: #wedding #socks

I am a knitting fool. With so much time remaining until our wedding, I feel like I need to keep busy with wedding-related tasks. At least The Fiancé likes that idea better than baby-related tasks – namely reminding him that we need to have babies soon. But anyhow, with as simple as The Wedding is, I occupy my time with other projects that take a long time… like the veil that took 5 months to knit.

Our move to Miami is in less than 3 weeks and, at this point, I am avoiding ordering anything. Granted, this is mostly due to the fact that I should be spending my time packing up our apartment or writing the 2 papers due next Friday or completing my take home midterms. But give me 5 free minutes and I am browsing Zappos or David’s Bridal or Light In The Box or The Unique Sheep and coveting all the pretties. Am I the only one with an online shopping addiction? I highly doubt it. =)

I am currently avoiding travel sites and trying to convince myself that waiting a few more months will make airfare drop. It’s not really working, but at least I am avoiding the sites.

Tweet: it amuses me to NO end that everything in my @zappos favorites costs $42. 42= binary of 10.10.10 & the next tattoo i will get. #geek

Speaking of shopping, this one literally had me giggling uncontrollably for about 5 minutes. I am a self-professed geek and lover of Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. OK, so what? If you’re a H2G2 fan, you know that 42 is “the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.” Have I mentioned that I am easily amused? As I recently learned in my networking class, calculating out 101010 in binary really does add up to 42. I also recently learned that the total number of spots on 2 dice (die?) adds up to 42.

And because I love numbers so much…
In 8 days, I will no longer be a YMCA employee.
In 19 days, I will no longer call North Carolina home.
In 37 days, I will be an MBA graduate.
In 194 days, I will be a Mrs.


Veil, Blocked!

It’s finished. It’s blocked. Now I just need to sew the comb onto it. It’s currently sitting pinned to the blocking mats in our spare room.


4.5 months later, my wedding veil is done

All of my progress pictures since casting on October 29, 2009.

One of my favorites twitter tags lately has been #imcrazy.

I’m crazy for undertaking such a huge knitting project. As a fairly new knitter, I decided that I would knit my wedding veil. I cast on the first stitches on October 29, 2009 and just now finished it on March 16, 2010. It was a very long 4.5 months and well over 48,000 stitches.

I am unbelievably proud of myself for undertaking this project and completing it.
So proud of how gorgeous it turned out.
So proud of my perseverance in knitting every day at lunch and while watching TV at night.

I still need to block* it and attach it to the comb. But for now, it is completely finished.

* Blocking means wetting the piece and pinning it to a board to force it into the proper shape.


outfit conundrum

dresses are David’s Bridal

My MOH and I went last night to try on a bunch of dresses at David’s Bridal. I fell in love with the one above in brown, but in either the silver or champagne colors.  the problem is the varying shades of blue in my outfit. maybe I really do need to pic a shade and stick with it.

my veil yarn is a creamy ivory color and will be edged in a few rows each of orange and blue. pattern progress above. seriously, most amazing thing I’ve knit since I started knitting and 2nd major lace project. Abby’s garter was the first.

I just saw a pair of absolute beauties on Zappos and I’m kinda in love with them… they’re royal blue with bling bling on both straps. Yeah, I think I’m just going to buy them… lol

so which color dress do you think I should choose?


overdue post

the paper for the ketubah has been ordered and is in my hot little hands! it’s white, 12×12, and non-textured. i need to send 10-12 sheets to our calligrapher, Amanda, in Gainesville. unfortunately, she’ll be out of town when i’m there next week visiting.

from the same company, Paper & More, i ordered 3 different colors of envelopes for our wedding invites: dark metallic blue, and metallic copper.

i’m leaning towards the dark blue ones, but the copper ones are in the running as well. whatcha think? keep in mind that our invitations are black with white lettering and the nighttime Vegas skyline, and our colors are orange, blue and ivory.  i also order a sample for my graduation announcements in a deep purple. they’re so pretty!

my shoes have been ordered and are about as damn cute as can be! they’re turquoise with a small little kitten heel, about 1.5″ and they’re mary jane’s. so effing cute!

my veil is coming along really nicely! i’m at row 61 of about 126 rows. the 61st row is 388 stitches. the last row is about 800 stitches. i’m no where near halfway done with it. but damn, it’s gorgeous! i really need to take an updated picture of it to show y’all. but not tonight seeing as it’s already after 1am! 🙂


#wedding veil progress

I took a study break tonight and got up to row 36 (of 126) in my veil. I love it!