outfit conundrum

dresses are David’s Bridal

My MOH and I went last night to try on a bunch of dresses at David’s Bridal. I fell in love with the one above in brown, but in either the silver or champagne colors.  the problem is the varying shades of blue in my outfit. maybe I really do need to pic a shade and stick with it.

my veil yarn is a creamy ivory color and will be edged in a few rows each of orange and blue. pattern progress above. seriously, most amazing thing I’ve knit since I started knitting and 2nd major lace project. Abby’s garter was the first.

I just saw a pair of absolute beauties on Zappos and I’m kinda in love with them… they’re royal blue with bling bling on both straps. Yeah, I think I’m just going to buy them… lol

so which color dress do you think I should choose?


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  1. Cathy2183

    Here's a thought for color consolidation… Pick one shade of blue and add it throughout each individual piece of your outfit. So, for example, if you go with the closed, teal-colored shoes, look for a shoe clip that matches your necklace stone. Or, find a ribbon that matches the shoe clip, and add that ribbon to your necklace (I have a piece of jewelery that has both a chain and a ribbon). Then, you can pick any color dress and add a belt that matches the shoe clip and the necklace ribbon. LOL. Complicated, but possible!

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