Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I have no idea why or how, but I seem to have really good luck winning things online from Twitter and various blogs. (Day after photo shoot, Mojuba Bag)  I recently started following the Lucky Bride Giveaways blog in my RSS feed. I don’t sign up for everything, just the stuff I’d actually want or will use.

Last week, I saw these beauties on their blog, followed the link to Lili’s Corner and left a comment. Today, I received an email that I won my very own pair!

I requested them in cream pearls to match the pearls I am wearing in my wedding. My mother’s and my pearls. Mom was given a long strand of graduated size pearls for her high school graduation and passed them to me when I graduated from her alma mater 28 years later. She received a shorter strand of pearls with an amazing clasp for her college graduation 4 years later.

My plan is to wear both strands to our wedding in ONE MONTH from today. Holy smokes, how is it already 9-10-10?! Since my parents or grandparents will not be attending, this is how I will have them there with me on my wedding day.

Try to ignore the trademark side smile on my face. It’s been the same since I was 3 as Steve pointed out in my baby pictures..


Sept 7 TMW Post

Tweet: i’m almost 95% sure that i’m wearing my mom’s pearls and earrings for my Something Old… & cuz she won’t be at my wedding

My parents will not be present when we exchange vows. Nor will his mother, our aunts or aunts, or any cousins or siblings. The only family present will be my younger brother. Sure, we will be surrounded by love from our friends, but is it really the same?

I have been trying to come up with ways for my grandparents to be present in the form of bouquet charms. It seems that I was overlooking the 2 most important people in my life: my parents. The people that raised me and made me who I am today. Um, duh? Yeah, so I decided to wear my mother’s pearls. She has 2 gorgeous sets of differing lengths. The longer ones were a gift when she graduating from high school, the shorter set was her college graduation gift. I am pretty sure I want to wear the shorter pair as they have a really cool clasp.

Tweet: bit the bullet & just reserved my wedding hair appointment for 11am in my room.

Tweet: now that i’ve booked a hair appt, i need to find inspiration, something that can withstand the weight of my knit veil

Y’all have seen this already since I posted it here a few days ago. Yes, I do recycle my blogs sometimes, but it’s rare.

After contacting several Vegas hair and make-up artists about a month ago, I realized that my time is ticking down quite rapidly. I finally booked Storybook Brides after checking their reviews on WeddingWire, Facebook, and even their web page. Yes, they were the cheapest and I’m hoping that doesn’t bite me in the butt. I’ve emailed the owner several times and she seems very nice and responds quickly. All her reviews on WW are really positive. For an updo, it is $80 and they’ll come to our hotel room. I’m doing my own make-up, which means I need to practice! It’s been a while since I’ve worn make-up and even longer (never) since I’ve put on photo-worthy make-up.

The problem now is that I really need some awesome pictures of updo’s that can hold my heavy-ish veil. This is where all y’all can help me. Thrilling, yes? My hair is a few inches below my shoulders. In October, in the middle of the afternoon, the temperature should be roughly 70 degrees. During October, temps fluctuate between the low 50s and the 80s. Holy gorgeous, Batman! What was I talking about? Right, hair. I tend to get very hot and always put my hair up. Add to that about 5-7 pounds of yarn. Basically, as beautiful as a half updo would be, I think it needs to be totally up. Sooooo, feel free to post me links or pictures of hair you’ve seen that you think might work. Thanks!


August 10 TMW Post

Tweet: @msrib after finally settling on wedding dress #3, i’m rethinking my jewelry. at least i wear the necklace i bought all the time so it’s not wasted.

The neckline of my dress is fairly low, as I learned when I tried on undergarments last week. My favorite and best fitting bustier stuck over the top of the dress by at least 1″. The piece I have is royal blue with a brass setting and chain. My dress is champagne, and my hair piece is silver with clear rhinestones and crystals.

Necklace source: etsy

Now I am totally rethinking what I want to wear. I have a bunch of Swarovski pearls in Powder Almond and Copper that I was planning on making for my bridesmaids until our bridal party was taken out of the picture. Anything I see on Etsy with pearls I can remake easily. Yes, I’m that good. 😉 I love the look of a simple necklace with a large show piece off to one side. My concern is would that show piece stay off to the side? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Something like this:

Tweet: @msrib totally putting my married name on my new business cards cuz holy smokes, i’ll be Rebecca Fletcher in 64 days!

So.. yeah, I decided to put my married name on my new business cards. I sat there staring at the screen trying to figure out what to do and then it hit me… in exactly 2 months (since it’s 8/10) I will be a wife! It also made me contemplate the whole do I change my name internal debate. I have 2 brothers and thus, my last name will remain. I’m just happy to have a much easier to pronounce last name to give to my children. For the last nearly 34 years, I’ve had people mispronounce my last name and it’s getting annoying.

If you’re on any of the above websites, feel free to add me!


outfit conundrum

dresses are David’s Bridal

My MOH and I went last night to try on a bunch of dresses at David’s Bridal. I fell in love with the one above in brown, but in either the silver or champagne colors.  the problem is the varying shades of blue in my outfit. maybe I really do need to pic a shade and stick with it.

my veil yarn is a creamy ivory color and will be edged in a few rows each of orange and blue. pattern progress above. seriously, most amazing thing I’ve knit since I started knitting and 2nd major lace project. Abby’s garter was the first.

I just saw a pair of absolute beauties on Zappos and I’m kinda in love with them… they’re royal blue with bling bling on both straps. Yeah, I think I’m just going to buy them… lol

so which color dress do you think I should choose?


Wedding Jewelry for Me

I purchased this Estella Garden Luxe Hair Comb from Etsy seller LuluSplendor as my wedding hair piece.

Next I’m going to see if it’s possible to add tulle to the bottom of it for a super short veil, or to the top of it to create a birdcage veil.

Like so:

birdcage or short veil

This necklace is my “something blue” and was purchased from Etsy seller, TheBrassHussy.

I just love her shop name! I have worn this necklace quite a few times already and get compliments every time. I absolutely adore it!

comb image source
birdcage veil image source
short veil image source
blue pendant image source