We Won! We Won! We Won!

So, a few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway, this giveaway, on the Green Orchid Events blog to win a photography session in Vegas. I was stalking the blog nearly every day as the winner would be chosen randomly from the comments. There were still only 5 commenters (I was the 5th) so I figured we had a 20% chance at it, which isn’t all that high.

The contest ended last night at midnight, Vegas time, so I went to sleep hoping I’d wake up to find out that I’d won. Y’all might know how addicted to my Blackberry I am. I check email and twitter constantly. Well, when back pain woke me at 5am, I checked it, scrolling quickly through the emails until I saw it…
“Congratulations – You’re the winner of the photo contest”

I started grinning and it took me a while to fall back to sleep. I started telling Steve we’d won, but, well, it was 5am and he was dead asleep. This morning, there was a tweet about it pointing to Juliet’s blog post. Yeah, I totally retweeted it.

Even before we won, I was in touch with the photographer, Jessie of Emeric Photography & Design, and really can’t wait to work with her and her husband. I told her we’d already booked our wedding photographer, but if we’d won, I’d love to do a day after session. It looks like we get to after all! I’m thinking day after, possibly trash the dress only because I desperately want to go to the Neon Boneyard or possibly Red Rocks Canyon.

Prize package:
* Lifestyle Portrait Session (which can be used for Engagement, Trash the Dress, Day After Session, Anniversary, etc…)
* 3 hours of photography time
* Online photo gallery to share with family & friends
* High resolution disk with choice of 45 print-ready images (printable up to 8×10) A print release will also be included.
* Photo session is valid only in Las Vegas


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