Inkubook Photo Book Giveaway, Ends 12/4/11

Super Short Giveaway! So I slacked on this bc life kept getting in the way. Also bc I seem to have somewhat lost my blogging mojo. I blame the holidays.

Anyhow! Do you want to win a photo book, calendar or photo cards from Inkubook? They are an amazing company with a whole array of page layouts, backgrounds and sizes for their books, not to mention your choice of hard or soft cover. They also have calendars and photo cards with tons of layouts. And in case you simply have no idea what to do, they have a whole section of ideas for your perusal.


All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me what occasion you would create for your book if you win. Or hey, would you make calendars or photo cards? We’ve made 3 books with Inkubook and love them all!

Extra entries, leave a separate comment with a link to each:
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– Share this on Facebook or Twitter: I entered to win an @inkubook photo book from @rbfletcher & you can too! #Giveaway ends 12/4/11 ~
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I’ll use to pick a winner on December 4th. You don’t have to be a blogger to win, just make sure you use an active email address when you leave your comment so I can contact you if you win.

PS- Just in case you win, you might want to start putting your book/ calendar/ photo cards together as the code expires on December 7th. It is for a project of up to $34.95, not including shipping. Hey, I said I slacked!


This post was sponsored by Inkubook. I received a photo book in exchange for providing my opinion on their products. All reviews and opinions are my own.


Shutterfly Giveaway Winners!

Sorry for the delay, my friends! Here are the winners to the Shutterfly Holiday Cards Giveaway. And, by the way, I loved reading your holiday traditions. We really do need to start up some new traditions. Hubby doesn’t have the best holiday memories growing up and we really need to change that!

The list of all the participants in order of comment leaving:

And, using, here are the winners! So Marie, Lori and Heather, if you didn’t leave contact info in your comment, please email it to me so I can send out those redemption codes! I will select alternates if I don’t hear from you by 11/16.


Keep an eye out for an Inkubook giveaway and a Canvaspeople giveaway! I have to do reviews for both items recently received and each post will have a giveaway to more free goodies.


Shutterfly Holiday Cards Giveaway

Shutterfly | Colors of WonderI dunno about you, but we love us some holiday cards. No, not Christmas cards, and not Hanukkah cards, but holiday cards. We have a mixture of religions on our address list, so our message tends to be generic. I have been sending holiday cards out myself for many years prior to even meeting the hubby, and they are always fun to give and receive.

But I digress! I wish I could say I’ve been loyal to one company, but let’s face it,I am a deals shopper. The last couple of years we used Shutterfly; this year will be no different. I haven’t been disappointed yet! The cards are always high quality and they have so many designs.

We used Shutterfly as the photo dump site for our trip to Las Vegas and other wedding pictures, which was so convenient! We made photo books, and possibly will make a few calendars for gifts this year, and definitely the holiday cards for the December holidays.

Shutterfly | Merry Twig Wreath

Do you prefer to send a flat or tent card? What about receiving- what’s your preference? I personally like to receive flat cards only because it makes it easier to read the messages on our card wall every year.

Not only do I get to send beautiful Shutterfly cards this year, but, my lovely readers, you get the opportunity as well. I have 3 codes for 25 Free Cards of your choice. That’s right, there will be three winners!

All you need to do to enter is go check out the vast selection of holiday cards and leave a comment telling me which one you would choose if you win. Also tell my one of your favorite holiday traditions. (Hey we’re newlyweds and could always use some new ideas.)

Extra entries, leave a separate comment with a link to each:
– Subscribe to my blog or let me know you’re already a follower/ RSS reader
– Share this on Facebook or Twitter: Enter to win 1 of 3 sets of 25 @shutterfly holiday cards from @rbfletcher ~ #giveaway ends 11/9/11 ~
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Shutterfly | Confetti Jacks

I’ll use to pick a winner on November 9th. You don’t have to be a blogger to win, just make sure you use an active email address when you leave your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Do you notice a theme with the cards I like? 😉 These were 3 of my top choices for this years cards.

This post was sponsored by Shutterfly. I am getting 50 free cards in exchange for providing my opinion on Shutterfly cards. All reviews and opinions are my own. If you are a blogger and interested in getting 25 free cards for your opinion, you can sign up here.

West Virginia Vacation Photos & a Future Giveaway

Wow, did we really get back from West Virginia 3 months ago? I miss it. While it was a really small town we were staying in and traveling around, it was fun. I met both my sisters-in-law, brother-in-law, 2 nephews, and saw my brother-in-law and mother-in-law again, as well as meeting several of Steve’s friends from when he lived there.

About a month ago, I received an email from Jessica at Inkubook. She saw that I had previously blogged about my amazing experiences with Inkubook (here) and graciously offered up the opportunity for a giveaway for my readers and another book for me to review. Now, I’m not doing the giveaway in this post, but will hopefully be posting it in the next couple of weeks. I want to wait until I have the book in hand.

In the meantime, here is a small sampling of the pictures I took during our week in West Virginia. It really makes me want to move up north so we can be in the mountains!

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I really hope y’all can see the book as I can’t no matter how many times I install and re-install and re-install Adobe Flash Player. It also doesn’t care that I have a full version of Flash CS4 on my computer. So, good luck to you!


Post-Wedding Update Type Post (Including TTD Pictures!)

Whoops! Had that OvernightPrints link all wrong! My bad.

Wow, has it really been 3 days since I last posted? Craziness!

This weekend has been really productive for me in terms of post-wedding stuff. And considering that we bought ourselves a Hanukkah/ early Christmas Wii, that’s really saying something!

Let’s see, in the last 5 days I…

+ordered our marriage certificate
+received our CD of Trash the Dress pictures from the amazingly talented Emeric Photography
+ordered our holiday cards (using an Emeric picture) from Shutterfly
+wrote, completed, changed, and ordered our holiday newsletter from Vistaprint
+ordered our Thank You cards (also using an Emeric picture) from OvernightPrints
+just finished and ordered our 2nd Inkubook that we won in the giveaway (all Emeric pictures)
+played lots and lots of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
+spent loads of time with my amazing hubby
+began knitting a pair of socks for a test knit

You want to see some of them, right? Seriously, I am in love with these pictures!

Using my Ebates account for Shutterfly, OvernightPrints, and Vistaprint, I am expecting a nice big fat refund check soon. I will never again shop online without first checking there to see what rebates I’ll get. It’s like the best “discount” ever! For OvernightPrints, I already had a coupon (HOLIDAY) for 50% off the cards, so not only was my order discounted, but I’m getting cash back. Yes, I’m cheap like that.

Most of our stuff was dependent on getting the CD, which is why so much happened so quickly. I had everything all laid out and just waiting for the picture. Of course, even then, I was still popping different pictures into the layouts.

This post is not sponsored by any company, I just happen to love Ebates and online shopping. <3


Giveaway Prize Redeemed: Inkubook #1

We got our first @inkubook back a few days ago. I’ve been staring at it and sharing it at work and with family. I could seriously stare at it nonstop.

As you may not remember, I won this book from a @BravoBride giveaway. I actually won 2 books and will be making the second one with pictures from the Trash the Dress photo shoot with Jessie and Jason of Emeric Photography (@emericphoto) that we won off the Green Orchid (@greenorchid) blog.

I just realized, as I was looking for the entry to hyperlink it up, that I never blogged about winning the books! Ahh well, here is the giveaway post and she announced I was the winner in the comments. After explaining that our wedding was over a year away, they adjusted our codes, which was really nice!, and they’re now set to expire November 30th.

Being the [wannabe] good blogger that I am, I took pictures of some of the pages. I do wish that I’d edited some of the pictures before adding them, but I was in a hurry to put together this book.

We truly had an amazing time in Vegas and this book is only about 2 hours of the entire 6 days. Amazing, huh?

All photos in this post were taken by me. Photos in the book of the dress, flowers and cake were taken by me. All photos of people in the books were taken by Trey of Scenic Las Vegas Weddings.


Another Amazing “Freebie”!

Tomorrow… tomorrow evening we finally leave for Vegas. We have been planning this for over a year and now our wedding is like 2 seconds away. Seriously, we’re leaving for Vegas tomorrow night and the wedding is on Sunday!

If you read my Twitter and Facebook feeds, then you know something pretty awesome happened to me today. Over the last year, I have been building relationships with hundreds of people online, most of whom are in the wedding industry. Then there are others that, in my world, were all about my wedding. You’ve certainly see all the super cool free things I’ve won if you’ve been following my blog, all of which are directly related to Twitter. The latest of which was the Get Him to the Greek DVD that I won last week.

So today, my friend over at the Luxor, whose name I didn’t even know until about 8 hours ago, sent me a DM (private Twitter message) asking when we were arriving. Super sweet, right? Over a series of DMs back and forth, I told her we were arriving late Friday, gave her our requested confirmation numbers, set up to meet for coffee or lunch on Monday, and was told she was going to upgrade us to the tower suite for our entire stay! I was bowled over. Seriously, I was tearing up. Most of our interaction is in the public feed and she went out of her way to chat me up and gave us a pretty amazing wedding present!

Initially, like 10 months ago, we booked Saturday through Tuesday nights into the Tower Luxury suite at the Luxor. I didn’t see any point in any longer. Little did I know that fate would intervene in the form of the Spirit Airlines tweeter and send me an email with a deal we simply couldn’t pass up. So there we were, booked to fly out Friday and home on Wednesday. I waited until the Luxor had another sale and booked their lowest room, the Pyramid Deluxe, for Friday night. After all, we only needed a place to sleep for a few hours.

Then this happened. And I’m just like… blown away by how genuinely nice some people are for absolutely no reason. OK, well, it is due to our online friendship and that we’re getting married, but I didn’t ask for anything. Sure, I was going to be like “we’re on our honeymoon!” all over the place, but not to her. Maybe at the front desk, but we’ll be one of thousands of couples there for 10.10.10. I doubt we’d have gotten much preferential treatment.

Still blown away!


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I have no idea why or how, but I seem to have really good luck winning things online from Twitter and various blogs. (Day after photo shoot, Mojuba Bag)  I recently started following the Lucky Bride Giveaways blog in my RSS feed. I don’t sign up for everything, just the stuff I’d actually want or will use.

Last week, I saw these beauties on their blog, followed the link to Lili’s Corner and left a comment. Today, I received an email that I won my very own pair!

I requested them in cream pearls to match the pearls I am wearing in my wedding. My mother’s and my pearls. Mom was given a long strand of graduated size pearls for her high school graduation and passed them to me when I graduated from her alma mater 28 years later. She received a shorter strand of pearls with an amazing clasp for her college graduation 4 years later.

My plan is to wear both strands to our wedding in ONE MONTH from today. Holy smokes, how is it already 9-10-10?! Since my parents or grandparents will not be attending, this is how I will have them there with me on my wedding day.

Try to ignore the trademark side smile on my face. It’s been the same since I was 3 as Steve pointed out in my baby pictures..