Another Amazing “Freebie”!

Tomorrow… tomorrow evening we finally leave for Vegas. We have been planning this for over a year and now our wedding is like 2 seconds away. Seriously, we’re leaving for Vegas tomorrow night and the wedding is on Sunday!

If you read my Twitter and Facebook feeds, then you know something pretty awesome happened to me today. Over the last year, I have been building relationships with hundreds of people online, most of whom are in the wedding industry. Then there are others that, in my world, were all about my wedding. You’ve certainly see all the super cool free things I’ve won if you’ve been following my blog, all of which are directly related to Twitter. The latest of which was the Get Him to the Greek DVD that I won last week.

So today, my friend over at the Luxor, whose name I didn’t even know until about 8 hours ago, sent me a DM (private Twitter message) asking when we were arriving. Super sweet, right? Over a series of DMs back and forth, I told her we were arriving late Friday, gave her our requested confirmation numbers, set up to meet for coffee or lunch on Monday, and was told she was going to upgrade us to the tower suite for our entire stay! I was bowled over. Seriously, I was tearing up. Most of our interaction is in the public feed and she went out of her way to chat me up and gave us a pretty amazing wedding present!

Initially, like 10 months ago, we booked Saturday through Tuesday nights into the Tower Luxury suite at the Luxor. I didn’t see any point in any longer. Little did I know that fate would intervene in the form of the Spirit Airlines tweeter and send me an email with a deal we simply couldn’t pass up. So there we were, booked to fly out Friday and home on Wednesday. I waited until the Luxor had another sale and booked their lowest room, the Pyramid Deluxe, for Friday night. After all, we only needed a place to sleep for a few hours.

Then this happened. And I’m just like… blown away by how genuinely nice some people are for absolutely no reason. OK, well, it is due to our online friendship and that we’re getting married, but I didn’t ask for anything. Sure, I was going to be like “we’re on our honeymoon!” all over the place, but not to her. Maybe at the front desk, but we’ll be one of thousands of couples there for 10.10.10. I doubt we’d have gotten much preferential treatment.

Still blown away!


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