Thank you StyleUnveiled & Mojuba!

Holy wow, Batman… I just won something from Twitter! Well, another something. Seriously, I freakin’ love Twitter! This time, it was a giveaway featured on StyleUnveiled’s twitter page and featuring bags from My_Mojuba.

This time, I won a MyMojuba Bride bag. What the hell is a MyMojuba Bride bag you ask? It’s a wedding day emergency kit chock full of all kinds of goodies! I’m hoping I get the black one cuz black suits me more than white… plus, white gets dirty.=)

click for larger image, source: MyMojuba

List of the contents:
Kiss My Boo Boo band-aids
Madame Paulette™ couture stain removal kit
L’Occitane® luxurious hand cream
BugCatcherz® fashion tape to keep your clothes in place
Ms. Manicure® nail files
Nail polish remover
Picture Perfect
Soft rice paper to powder your beautiful face
Charles Worthington® hairspray
Bobby pins
Sniff® tissues to dry your joyful tears
Gentle eye drops
Makeup remover
Little i® breath fresheners for close encounters
Colgate® toothpaste and a toothbrush
Scope® mouthwash
Mojuba™ Kodak® camera to capture spontaneous moments
Mojuba™ pen and notepad for your thoughts
Pucker up
Clear straws to sip champagne without smudging your lipstick
Clear lip gloss
Advil® for splitting headache relief
Gilchrist and Soames® sewing kit with pre-threaded needles
La Fresh® hand sanitizer
Dancin’ Feet® cushions for your dancing feet
Pepcid Complete® to quiet your butterflies
Keep-your-cool with Dove® deodorant
Nail polish for touch-ups and to stop stocking runs
Static Guard®
Scissors to snip unruly threads
Krazy Glue®
Lint sheets
Stuff just for chicks
…. And a little something to make you smile

And I *won* it! For free! Just by retweeting the entry “form” a few times over the course of the contest. YIPPEEEE!!!


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