Temporarily Broken Blog

Some of my loyal readers may have noticed that my blog was broken… dead.. kaput there for a few hours. Well, from 4am-2pm. The problem is when I start messing around with things in the databases and don’t verify that the blog still works, things go downhill fast.

Yeah, that’s right. Me, Miss I can Code but Suck at Basic Blogging, changed my password last night (yay 4am insomnia!) to try to mess with the SQL code and forgot to update the password in my wp-config file.

Bloody brilliant, I tell ya.

And who knows how long it would’ve been dead had I not gone looking for the post I scheduled this morning.


If you follow my twitter feed, then you probably saw my meltdown as it was happening.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.. reading.. whatever! 😀


One comment on “Temporarily Broken Blog

  1. Marie

    This is why I don’t do things like that. I don’t know about this stuff.

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