March 16 TMW post

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Tweet: @msrib we had a very productive day: goodwilling, food, packing supplies, & paper/ stamps/ ink pads for wedding cupcake wrappers. to emboss or not?

We’re having so few actual “wedding” items in Vegas that I feel the need to DIY everything that I can possibly make. For example, we’re having a champagne (or wine) and cupcakes reception in our suite after the ceremony and pictures. Should I be content with the cupcakes as when I pick them up? Of course not! I’m planning on making super cute wrappers and cupcake flags for each one. Or at least the wrappers as both might be overkill. This weekend I started working on a stamp to have made to use for things like embossing the wrappers, stamping napkins, and post-wedding, using to stamp letters.

Tweet: @msrib: – Revised font.. Like so?

Our favors are 32oz polycarbonate water bottles that I’m putting our logo on. The good thing is we’re moving to Miami in a few weeks where the company is, so I have plenty of time to order and pick them up. The biggest problem is settling on a logo I like. As the designer, I’m the picky one; Steve isn’t all that concerned with what the logo looks like.

After a bunch of different logos and polling my twitter friends, I ended up ordering the stamp off Etsy from BlossomStamps for really reasonable. It’s $10 plus like $2 shipping for a 1″x1.5″ custom stamp. Now to find the embossing powder, cute paper, and free time to work on all the projects.

208 days left!


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