Reception… Beginning Recap

The party has come… and gone! It’s over. 3+ months of planning and it was a lot of fun and turned out absolutely gorgeous. We had tons of compliments about the food, yard, and set up.

My parents and younger brother Dan, Dan’s girlfriend Cathy, and her mom, were such a tremendous help to us in setting up and decorating everything. We were able to borrow the tables and chairs from Dan’s union hall and from Cathy’s family. It is so amazing to have had all their help with the entire day.

I know y’all are expecting an update from the party, but I’m just so bummed over the pictures that I have no energy to even begin the post. As it turns out, that amazing professional photographer was a no show. Yes, I should have booked my own photographer. Lesson learned. Doesn’t make it suck less.

I shall leave you with this [heavily edited/lightened] picture while I edit, crop and try to salvage the rest of the pictures…


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  1. Meredith

    That’s a pretty lousy way to learn a lesson. ::big hugs:: I’m glad all those memories will still be there in your heart, though.

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