I Caught The Crud…

There’s going to be a bit of a blogging hiatus. I seem to have caught the crud that’s been going around. And, true to my form, I seem to have caught it worse than the people I might’ve gotten it from. There’s no guarantees where it came from, but ugh.. I’m so miserable!

I worked all day yesterday then literally fell asleep once Steve went to work at 9pm. Woke up at 2am, 8am then again at noon. My body can sometimes be smart as I needed to take med’s at those times but didn’t set an alarm. Nice! I also took those few moments of lucidity to post some updates to Facebook and Twitter. Hey, what can I say, this girl likes to be connected.

Did you ever get the feeling, when you’re sick that your entire head is on fire and/or weighs 700 pounds? Yeah, me too. I kept taking my temperature and right before bed it was 101.7. this afternoon I though it’d broken when it was as low as 98*, but no luck. As of a few minutes ago, it was 101.9* again. Seriously, my brain is cooking. It should be noted that I average 96-97* on a daily basis.

Well lookie there, I managed to write a big post after all. Stay safe and healthy everyone!



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