Updating Consistently

One of my biggest problems with blogging on a consistent basis is that I feel the need to really take a lot of time and energy to write each post. Another problem is that I tweet and Facebook update like crazy. Well, mostly twitter. I’m getting a bit bored with Facebook, honestly.

Where do you find your inspiration for blog posts?


One comment on “Updating Consistently

  1. Marie

    I find it difficult. When I do get inspiration I am never in front of my computer to write. So really many things that are in my blog are old inspirations. Sometimes I use the topic that http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ gives me but that is definitely not all the time and sometimes it seems out of left field to write about such a topic. I haven’t yet found a proper way to introduce such topics before I write yet. Sometimes I just write about my life. It’s really a mixed bag with me.

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