Operation New Life Under Way

Moving Forward | BeccaBlogs.comSeveral things have happened in the past few weeks that have pushed our timetable up considerably. Most noticeably, I’m sick of moving sideways and ready to move straight up. Ya know, when you hit rock bottom there’s only 2 ways to go: straight up or sideways. Also, getting out of Miami will be the best thing for my mental health. Being here feels like I’m drowning very slowly. More on that below..

In other words, when we’re in Orlando at MegaCon this weekend, we will also be checking out some schools for the hubby and driving around checking out different areas. I know it’s too soon to expect a job interview for Monday, but hopefully that’ll happen soon. At least now with a plan, I can focus much more on the perfect Orlando career and moving ahead with our life.

The down side is that in the off chance that I get a job quickly, we might end up living apart for a brief time. The up side to this is that we will only be a few hours apart. But we are strong and we will be able to handle it! (Honestly, we see each other so little nowadays with our opposing work/sleep schedules that it might not make much of a difference.)

Sure, being in Miami is great as we’re so near to my family, but Orlando is a very short drive up the road. At least coming to visit won’t require a 2 week minimum plane reservation to get a decent price. Hopping in the car and filling up the gas tank a few times to get back for a visit is easy peasy. Getting out of the city I swore to never return to has done some pretty hardcore damage to me over the past year. It’s almost like I’ve reverted to the girl I was when I last lived here. And I really don’t like that girl. Not one bit!

The last time I moved to Orlando, I got a new lease on life. I got rid of the girl I despised so much and became a much stronger person. This time, I will have my husband and partner-in-crime with me and things can only get better. The best part is, we both have family in Orlando and I have several friends that I made the last time I lived there. Unlike my move to NC and not knowing a single person, we will have a great base of friends right off the bat.

And let’s not forget that Orlando = Disney and I have 2 very Disney loving godsons living a mere 2 hours away from there.


5 comments on “Operation New Life Under Way

  1. Jackie

    Feel free to move to Sanford or Lake Mary. God knows I’m there often enough. 😉

    1. Becca

      ehh.. they’re all close enough! 🙂 We honestly have no idea where we’ll land. Probably will try to split the difference between work and school.

  2. Meredith

    Whatever happened with Izea? Did you ever find out more about them and if you’d like to work for them? I recall them having a fun, laid-back environment — at least according to their website. Granted, you might have the same issues with them now as I did when I considered them. They’re more about young people having fun and less about family, I think. I’m sure you definitely want some place that’s going to be family friendly.

  3. Marie

    I am excited that you are seriously going to move here. Even though I live down here in Kissimmee, it’s a mere 40 minute drive to most places in Orlando. Not a big deal at all. Would be lovely to have another married couple to hang with from time to time. Check US out– Bright futures all around. Keep your eye on the prize and you’ll be fine.

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