Fiance Frustrations

Do you ever have a stupid misunderstanding with your significant other and question why you’re in a relationship with someone who does [fill-in-the-blank]?

I did earlier. He is overly cynical about relationships in general, mostly stemming from his 2 long-term previous ones with some real witchy women. I am nothing like either of them. I do not lie to him; I do not drink more than once every like 6-7 months; I do not do drugs (nor have I ever); I am not planning on telling him something life-altering 3 days before our wedding so he can’t back out; and I don’t have a kid. Nope.

I do, however, have a steady full-time job; I am going to grad school for my MBA; I did my undergrad in 4 years and a semester; I do not shop like some of my friends (as in when I do shop for clothes, shoes, or bags, it’s a few times a year and only spend a few hundred dollars as opposed to going many many many times a year and spending a few hundred dollars each time); I have been independent and living on my own since I was 17; I have a very reliable car; I am a realist-optimist; I am, for the most part, extremely responsible and reasonable.

Then why do I fly off the handle over his cynicism of relationships? Maybe because it makes me feel like I am being lumped with the rest. Or like I am being punished for the ways they treated him. Who knows. I just wish I could not do that. I’m still learning.

And yes, I write and vent… and then I go home and talk to him. Because I love him with every fiber in my body and know that he is the most wonderful and loving man on the planet. And I can’t wait to be his wife and have kids with him.

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