It’s Been A While….

Hey friends!

I am still around. Things are crazy busy between my MPA (I ended my first semester with 2 A’s!!), working 2 jobs, freelancing, volunteering with my board and trying to keep my head above water. Husband graduated with his MBA in December and started his Doctorate this month. Needless to say, we’ve been keeping very busy since we have no children still.

To be fair, we did stop the foster license process back in August when I was beginning my Master’s classes. We do have a contingency plan in the instance of getting the opportunity to parent.

What we’ve been up to since the last post (I know, I always do these..)

  • We celebrated 5 years married on 10-10-10!
  • We found out we are having a NEPHEW(!!) in February from my baby brother and his girlfriend. For our longtime readers, they came to Vegas with us for our wedding.
  • I got a new laptop – only a big deal to my techies, but it’s lighter and smaller which means I can throw it in my bag and carry it with me everywhere to do homework and freelance work.
  • My Foster association created a petition to help foster children and within the 1st day we got over 1,000 signatures! We have surpassed 5,600 to date.
  • I became active in the Miami Geek Girls Brunch chapter and made awesome new geeky friends.
  • Puppykins developed a horrible ulcer in her eye and had to wear a cone for a month. She hated it and slept the best in her life the day we removed the cone.
  • Met. Richelle. Mead. Only one of my all time authors on the planet!
  • Decided to leave Miami. Like for real this time. There may be a slight bump in the plans, but I can’t discuss it at the moment.
  • Met Peter Davidson.
  • Met Jenna Coleman.
  • Met Billie Piper.
  • Meeting Matt Smith tonight!

I feel bad saying I’ll post more and then not. But I will try





Last night, I made a one-year plan. I sorta wrote it in the dark so the mega huge Sharpie helped me be able to read it.

Why am I posting it here on this blog that I’ve virtually ignored for months? Accountability. I’m putting it out there into the universe. I want to accomplish all these things.

Some are obvious (lose weight, join a gym, pay off cards) but some aren’t so much.

– Publish 3 more patterns – 2 days ago, i published a pattern on Ravelry for a Cabled Owls Hat I made. The hat was super easy, everyone raved about it, requests have been made for different colors, so I write up the pattern and published it. Within 12 hours, I had 4 sales. Needless to say, I was stoked!

– Push RSCS! – did you know that I’m a web and graphic designer? Of course you do! No really, do you? Steve and I own RS Creative Solutions and it is my goal to push it as hard as I can so that we turn a profit. I even have business cards and car magnets. Woo!

– Dump crappy friends – OK, this one is kinda obvious too. We all have those friends (or family members) that are more dead weight then beneficial. When someone drags you down, cut the rope and let the anchor sink.

– Cultivate awesome friends – you know, those ones you meet and have tons in common with and can laugh and giggle for hours? Or those that have been with you through thick and thin for practically your whole life but you have no time for. Yeah those. They need to be cherished and brought more front and center.

– Teach a knitting class – I was in Joann’s Fabric yesterday and picked up their class schedule. I have wanted to learn to quilt for some time and figured this would be a good starting point. Apparently unless I wanted to take several hours off in the middle of the work day, I’m never learning through them. All their classes save a few are before 5pm. I am going to take some of my more awesome pieces and convince them to let me teach kids, teens and adults.

– Get a better paying job with a non-assistant title – I won’t tell you how much I make (it would probably depress you), but I need to make more. A lot more. After all, I have been working since I was 12, in the “real” work arena for 15 years (holy smokes!) and have an MBA. A freakin MBA. And it’s sitting dormant and not working for me at all. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my boss. I really have lucked out having a boss that appreciates me and tries to help as much as she can. And not just bc she got Steve and I tickets to see Bon Jovi!!! But being someone’s assistant is getting me no where. Sure, the experience is phenomenal as I do want to work in development and fundraising, but…. I need a change.

– Research FL and OH adoption classes – there’s a lot more to this one than meets the eye. We want kids. We likely will never have biological kids, but that is OK as there are thousands of children out there without families in foster care. Since we have no idea where we will be living when the stars align, I’m researching both states and downloading both states home study applications. We aren’t getting any younger. We want a family. If I don’t get off my butt and do the work, this will be something else that passes me by in life.

– Have a dinner party at least 6 times – I hate cleaning. Do I need to elaborate? OK fine. Having dinner parties and friends over requires a clean house and an organized kitchen for my crazy recipe hoarding. This will push me to not only clean regularly, but keep things clean.

– Organize, clean and make office into guest room or craft space – in our “next apartment” I have all these dreams for our clean and new space. Um, we live here now. We just signed through August. Why keep dreaming of a pretty craft space with a day bed/ couch when I can do it now?

What are your plans for the next year?


Happy 1st Anniversary of 10.10.10

One year ago today, we said I Do in our gorgeous suite at the Luxor Hotel overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. My brother and future sister-in-law were there as our witnesses (and celebrating their 2nd dating anniversary) and my fab friend Kelly was there due to her husband being in another 10.10.10 Vegas wedding. Talk about perfect timing!

Sure, we’ve had our share of both good times and bad this past year. We made decisions about growing our family via foster adoption, we visited his family and spent a week in West Virginia, we spent 3 days in Orlando for MegaCon, and learned how to deal with seeing each other for only a couple hours a day due to our opposing work schedules.

Happy anniversary, my love! I cannot wait to move outta here, get grown-up jobs and raise our children together.

Lots and lots of love to the man that supports me and loves me for exactly who I am! I could not be happier to spend the rest of my life with you. <3


8 Months and Counting


Photo by the uber talented Emeric Photography

Happy 8 monthiversary to my husband and best friend! I love you more every day… Even during the times when I don’t like you very much. 😉 You make me want to be a better person.

We’ve been though quite a lot not just in the last 8 months, but in the last 4ish years. And yet, we can still laugh with and at each other.



Happy Thanksgiving!

I may complain and be overly paranoid about having children “this late in life,” but I know I am truly thankful for what I do have.

I am thankful for, in no particular order:
… my family
… my friends – strictly online or real-life
… my best friend and my 2 amazing godsons
… you, my blog readers
… having a puppy snuggle my belly and a fat cat snuggle my feet every night while I sleep
… the few hours a day that I get to spend with Steve
… our weekends together
… my creativity
… my ability to walk, talk, and breathe freely
… having a roof over my head
… not being subjected to sheer misery on a daily basis at my previous job
… my health
… so much more!

And certainly, I am the most thankful for my fantastic husband. We are celebrating 3 years together this Sunday, the 28th (though there is debate about that) and I couldn’t be more thankful and lucky that he came into my life. This is truly a case of kissing a lot of frogs before finding my perfect match. No, not “prince” because I, quite frankly, never wanted a prince. I wanted an equal in my life, someone that respected me, loved me, cherished me and had fun with me exactly as I am. I received all that and even more the day I agreed to meet Steve after months of emailing and IMing.

The date of our anniversary is under debate as our first date had some pretty major hiccups. My friends Nichole and Miles started texting and calling frantically before I was done with my first course. It turns out their apartment complex was on fire so our date was cut majorly short. We had our second date 3 days later and that is when Steve thought the official date was. To me it will always be November 28th. <3

OK, so this turned into an anniversary-type post as well. I’m still a newlywed!


Ketubah’s Anyone?

So, I was strolling around blog-land earlier and saw an ad for Ketubah’s. I pretty desperately want one. My parents have one, my brother had one, aunts and uncles… you name it, they all have them. I think it’s pretty natural that I want one. Oh yeah, and the whole I was raised Jewish thing. I am not a practicing Jew-girl in any way shape or form. I have 5 tattoo’s and plan on getting more. I have had body piercings, but will be happy with the ear piercings for the rest of my life. I don’t go to synagogue. I am marrying a non-Jewish boy as well. In short, I am a really non-traditional Jewish girl.

I love the Jewish culture and traditions, I just don’t believe in organized religion. Neither does Steve. We will be raising our children with all religions for them to choose their own paths. But yet, I still want one of the most traditional things in the Jewish religion.

Of course, the issue of having an Interfaith Marriage sure does add a new twist to this dilemma. It does appear that there are quite a few websites out there that do have Interfaith Ketubah’s, so that’s good.

A few of the site’s that have gorgeous Ketubot:

Image source


Fiance Frustrations

Do you ever have a stupid misunderstanding with your significant other and question why you’re in a relationship with someone who does [fill-in-the-blank]?

I did earlier. He is overly cynical about relationships in general, mostly stemming from his 2 long-term previous ones with some real witchy women. I am nothing like either of them. I do not lie to him; I do not drink more than once every like 6-7 months; I do not do drugs (nor have I ever); I am not planning on telling him something life-altering 3 days before our wedding so he can’t back out; and I don’t have a kid. Nope.

I do, however, have a steady full-time job; I am going to grad school for my MBA; I did my undergrad in 4 years and a semester; I do not shop like some of my friends (as in when I do shop for clothes, shoes, or bags, it’s a few times a year and only spend a few hundred dollars as opposed to going many many many times a year and spending a few hundred dollars each time); I have been independent and living on my own since I was 17; I have a very reliable car; I am a realist-optimist; I am, for the most part, extremely responsible and reasonable.

Then why do I fly off the handle over his cynicism of relationships? Maybe because it makes me feel like I am being lumped with the rest. Or like I am being punished for the ways they treated him. Who knows. I just wish I could not do that. I’m still learning.

And yes, I write and vent… and then I go home and talk to him. Because I love him with every fiber in my body and know that he is the most wonderful and loving man on the planet. And I can’t wait to be his wife and have kids with him.

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