A Little Job Hunting Humor

I feel like I’ve been job hunting non-stop for the past almost 2 years with only a handful of nibbles and one interview. It can get pretty disheartening with all that passive rejection. Only 3 of the applications sent actual rejection letters/emails. 3. Out of I don’t even know how many.

This afternoon, I cracked open The Select Group‘s monthly broadcast/ e-newsletter and found a bit of interview humor. It’s always good to laugh, especially at yourself, in these situations. Even though most of the time I just want to cry at the lack of real responses and interviews.

I applied to another job last night. I’m a little more hopeful as I have a friend that works there and used her personal referral page to apply.  Only time will tell.

Eager Beginnings

A recent college graduate interviewed for an entry-level developer position with a top technology company.

Towards the end of the interview, the hiring manager said, “If we move forward, the next step is to extend an offer. Have you thought about your target starting salary?”

The recent grad eagerly replied, “Based on my GPA and skill set, I believe $130,000 is a reasonable starting point.”  He paused and added, “Of course, that depends on your company’s benefits package.”

The hiring manager leaned back in his chair and said, “Our benefits consist of 6 weeks paid vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental for your entire family, 100% matching for your 401k contributions… and you get use of the company jet whenever you need it!”

The grad leaped out of his chair and exclaimed, “Wow! That is incredible. Are you kidding me? I never…”

The hiring manager interrupted him and said, “Settle down. Of course I am kidding with you…but you started it.”

–Tom Romano, TSG’s resident humorist


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  1. chanele

    I am not looking forward to the job hunt. I wish I had been a programmer. I feel like Andrew has it so much easier. 😛 I am thankful to have gotten a paid internship for 9 weeks. How pathetic is that?!

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